Polypropylene systems

Pipes and fittings in PP-R and PP-RCT materials which brought innovation and a radical change to the domestic distribution of warm and cold fluids in the 1980s. The systems elements are connected by thermal polyfusion. The significant improvement in raw material that has taken place over the years, and the increasingly updated and comprehensive range, have confirmed its still unmatched success. The wide range from diameter 20 to 630 mm allows to realize any type of system solution.

Fiber-reinforced multilayer pipes

Tubi fibrorinforzati

As a result of Aquatechnik research, the multilayer PP-RCT WOR pipes in the Faser range are the most technologically advanced pipes on the market for the transport of water in sanitary, heating and mechanical systems. Special additives make the pipes particularly resistant to oxidizing agents and high temperatures. The UVRES version also offers further advantages for applications exposed to UV radiation, while FIRES is the range exclusively dedicated to fire-fighting systems.



Wide range of polypropylene pipe fittings from diameter 20 mm to 630 mm for plumbing and industrial installations. Moulded in PP-R 80 Super, PP-RCT or segmented with PP-RCT WOR pipes. Joining is made by polyfusion, a stable and resistant type of welding that transforms pipe and fitting into a single piece. The FIRES version is designed to join FIRES pipes for fire-fighting systems.

Manifolds and special items

The versatility of polypropylene and its undeniable advantages in the construction of heating and air-conditioning systems and for the water distribution, including drinking water, allows to realize practical and customized solutions to facilitate design and installation. The Distribution Group Kit is a pre-assembled solution available in different sizes that aims to resolve issues of flow and prevalence problems. In addition, Aquatechnik offers the possibility of having customized manifolds and special parts designed to the customer's specific requirements.

Single layer pipes

Tubi monostrato

Aquatechnik offers a wide range of single-layer polypropylene pipes. PP-R 80 Super offers superior performance for plumbing and heating systems, while Superflux pipes have a reduced thickness increasing flow rate. Lightness and suitability for transporting potable water are further advantages of choosing polypropylene. The Rain-water pipe for water recovery and recycling completes the offer.