Main features

The multilayer pipe technology offers unparalled advantages thanks to its stratigraphy: the inner layer made of PP-RCT WOR (White Oxidation Resistance) ensures high long term resistance; the intermediate fibre-reinforced layer ensures a drastic elongation reduction due to thermal expansion; finally, the outer layer made of PP-R 80 Super gives proper ductility and relisience to the pipe.

Application fields

The system is especially recommended to realize mechanical systems, heating and conditioning.
The pipes are suitable for the transport of hot and cold drinking water at the temperatures and pressures given on the tables Working Conditions that you can find in the Technical Catalogue or here. To set up for the conveyance of liquids and/or different substances contact our Technical Department.


  • great resistance to high working temperatures and pressures
  • a reduction of linear thermal expansion of 70% compared to single layer pipes,
  • resulting cheaper clamping
  • higher operating conditions (pressure/temperature/duration) than the same thickness of single layer pipes
  • chemical safety and stability
  • high resistance to chemicals and to oxidation
  • suitable for the conveyance of aggressive fluids
  • cheap installation and transportation to the working seat
  • impermeability to oxygen.


From 63 to 630 mm diameter, in 5.8 m bars.

The Fusio-technik Faser FIBER-LIGHT pipes are also supplied in pre-insulated version.

Video Gallery

video Socket polyfusion welding
video Electric welding
video Butt-welding
video Working with CTM
video Working with CTR Prisma 125