Innovation and Research
Quality and Safety, Technology and Development.

For over thirty years, Aquatechnik is being producing and distributing sanitary, heating, air conditioning and compressed air systems, for civil and industrial installations: high quality, reliable and innovative solutions.

Aquatechnik systems are efficient, practical and safe for every type of hydraulic or technical installations.

An Italian excellence in the world

Passion is what drives the soul of our company, leading us to pursue the goals we set and pushing us to reach increasingly higher levels. Our great goal is distributing, building and developing innovative products that can simplify applications, ensure maximum safety in the installations and contribute to energy savings, respecting environmental sustainability.

Product Quality

Quality is our guideline to manage our production and commercial activity. Since the 90s, we are constantly committed to implement the operating rules and methods to ensure highest quality products, manufactured with monitored processes.

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Attention to the needs

The study of the market is at the basis of success. For this reason, over the years, production has changed, following the needs of the market. Therefore, new fields of use, but also larger diameters, to cover the new requests of the sector

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Comprehensive service

We strongly believe in the innovation that starts from knowledge: for this purpose, fair amount of financial resources has been committed in five training centers throughout Italy and Laboratory/Research Center in which the company invests parts of our turnover

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A proud history

Determination, passion, innovative ideas and bravery: as in the most worthy stories with a happy ending, even Aquatechnik was born from the dream of a plumber who, going through the times, has become a leader in the sector

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Our presence in the world

Aquatechnik Group can boast commercial seats in over 23 countries in the world.
Our Business Network ensures a widespread presence in Italy and abroad.

Innovation with Skeinforce

For some time now, Aquatechnik has been providing designers and installers with models of its products in BIM revit format to carry out integrated plant design according to this new methodology.

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Our products

Aquatechnik provides hydraulic and plant engineering solutions for the needs of installers, engineers and industry professional

Prodotti Multistrato


Multilayer pipes with total flow and press-fittings.

Prodotti Polipropilene


Pipes and fittings made of PP-R to be assembled by polyfusion.

Prodotti Preisolati


Preinsulated pipe system for civil plants and for the Heating/Cooling district.


Floor systems

Floor heating and cooling systems with multilayer and PE-RT pipes

Utilizations fields



Systems for all plant-engineering, from sanitary to traditional and floor heating, up to fire fighting systems

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Large diameters for mechanical, cogeneration, compressed air and traditional systems

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Installation techniques for public and private bodies such as hospitals, schools, retirement homes and commercial facilities

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Innovative solutions for swimming pools, gyms, stadiums, heated sport grounds

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Ship Building

Certified systems for sanitary and heating/cooling plants

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Agriculture sector

Greenhouse, irrigation systems

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Renovation of private spaces, public bodies and cultural heritage

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Food Industry

Industrial systems providing for the passage of food fluids

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