Raccorderia Fires

Main features

The Fusio-technik FIRES fitting range is the completion for the Fusio-technik FIRES pipes and find, as a specific utilization field, the fire protection systems. Like for the corresponding pipes, the basic material composing the fittings of the FIRES range is fortified with special additives that improve its fire resistance.

The range includes transition fittings, end parts made with male and female threaded inserts, flanged joints, valves, and supplementary fittings.

The junction between the parts is done through polyfusion welding (socket welding).

The system has been classified as fire resistance class B-S1, d0, according to EN 13501-1.


Application fields

Most suited for the following activities:

  • classified LH (minor risk) according to European Standard EN 12845
  • classified OH (ordinary risk) according to European Standard EN 12845.

The FIRES system guarantees all the   performances of the Fusio-technik pipes and fittings. Therefore, it can be used for   heating, cooling and compressed air   where an increased flame resistance  is required.


  • High resistance to flame
  • total safety in joining pipe to fitting thanks to polyfusion welding
  • quick to install, low costs and cheap processing tools
  • maximum hygiene of installations and absence of corrosion thanks to fittings entirely made of synthetic material
  • high resistance to impacts
  • easy, quick and flexible installations thanks to the complete range.


From Ø 20 to 125 mm

Video Gallery

video Socket polyfusion welding
video Electric welding
video Butt-welding
video Working with CTM
video Working with CTR Prisma 125