Our History

Aquatechnik was founded in the early 80s after current president and founder Lino Petenà’s extensive experience in the hydro-thermal-sanitary sector, with the purpose of introducing a new system of pipes and fittings on the market for plants in plastic material as an alternative to conventional galvanised pipes.


The fusio-technik fibre-reinforced pipes are now produced with WOR (White Oxidation Resistance) technology.


ISO14001 Certification


Widening of the safety range up to 90 mm, new fibrereinforced pipes SDR17,6


R & D Center modernising and extending Widening of the range fusio-technik FIBER pipes with UVRES (with high resistance to the direct sunlight) and FIRES (with high resistance to the flame)


A Soundproof Room is installed at the Training Center in Busto Arisizio: it measures flow, power absorption and noise of three systems in comparison


Iso-technik system is born: PUR pre-insulated pipe system for the Heating/Cooling district


A new production area is completed: 3400 sm.


The universal system, the new generation of multi-jaw press-fittings that are fully made with synthetic material (PPSU).


Extension of the fusio-technik range and faser pipes ut to 250 mm


Safety fittings till diameter 75


Complete range of manifolds made of PA-M


New PPSU fittings up to diameter 63


The modular manifold serie grows up till the diameter 32. As regards the fusio-technik system, the new faser FIBER-T pipe, reinforced with special fibres, is introduced


The safety system becames wider with the new diameter 50. The new PPSU modular manifolds are introduced into the market.


The studies on the safety system improve its quality and the fittings series becomes larger. Actually, the safety system is a complete range from diameter 14 up to 40 mm.


The introduction of the new and patented safety system is immediately a success in Italy, in Europe and all over the world.


A new fitting, completely made of plastics (PPSU), starts to be produced.


The safety-metal system is introduced into the market: this is a new fitting made of plastics and brass for multi-layer pipes.


Aquatechnik is a European presence; the research laboratory is further developed and we begin studying a new fitting system for multi-layer pipes, with its equipment.


A new system for water conveyance and heating is introduced: the multi-calor pipes with com-press and press-fitting systems. In this period, the trade abroad is starting.


The production seat is enlarged through the introduction of a new highly automatized moulding area.


Sensational sales are registered in this year: more than 12 millions meters of PP-R pipes on the Italian market only.


The firm develops so successfully that a productive seat in Magnago becomes necessary: the new and modern production seat for the extrusion.


The company is moved to Magnago (MI).


New training centers are arranged to promote the piping systems through technical meetings and trainings to installers and technicians.


Thanks to the great success and the consequent development, Aquatechnik company becomes the Italian reference for PP-R systems. A new commercial seat has to be built, bigger than the previous one.


Aquatechnik is growing up in Italy and develops a complete commercial network.


Aquatechnik was born (then with a different name) to distribute the PP-R pipes and a new heating system with radiant panels. The original seat was a 1000 smq shed in Busto Arsizio.


The development of PP-R is such that the old site is no longer appropriate to the marketing of this product, thus the expansion of facilities began.


The piping system meets the first commercial success in Italy.


The founder of the group Lino Petenà, owner of a distribution company of hydro-thermal sanitary products, began working with a German company, in order to introduce a new system of pipes and fittings for sanitary plant-engineering made of polypropylene random copolymer (PP-R) into the Italian market.