Main features

This is the pipe range that has definitively innovated and changed how hot and cold fluids are distributed in buil­dings, starting in the 80s.

Elements of the system connect to each other using the thermal polyfusion method (welding), a method involving the fusion of the two weldable elements so to have a single element as result.

Thanks to its innate technical features, it is ideal to transport aggressive fluids.

Application fields

Especially recommended when realizing sanitary, heating, irrigation and compressed air systems in civil, industrial and service sector.


  • great resistance to high working temperatures and pressures
  • chemical safety and stability
  • high resistance to corrosive agents, alkali, acid
  • suitable for the conveyance of aggressive fluids
  • cheap installation and transportation to the working seat
  • impermeability to oxygen.


From ø 20 a 110 mm, in 4 m. rods.

Ø 20 and 25 mm, in rolls (only on demand).

Video Gallery

video Socket polyfusion welding
video Electric welding
video Butt-welding
video Working with CTM
video Working with CTR Prisma 125