Raccorderia Fusio

Main features

The range includes transition fittings, end parts made with male and female threaded inserts, flanged joints, valves,

in addition to supplementary fittings that allow you to join and realize connections with all the pipe and fitting

systems offered by the company.

The junction between the parts is done through polyfusion welding (socket welding up to Ø 125 mm, butt welding for greater diameters, or electric welding).

Application fields

To be used with all the Fusio-technik pipes, excluding the FIRES pipes, to be welded to a suitable fitting range.


  • total safety in joining pipe to fitting thanks to polyfusion welding
  • quick to install, low costs and cheap processing tools
  • maximum hygiene of installations and absence of corrosion, thanks to fittings entirely made of synthetic material
  • high resistance to impacts
  • easy, quick and flexible installations thanks to the complete range.


From Ø 20 to 400 mm

Video Gallery

video Socket polyfusion welding
video Electric welding
video Butt-welding
video Working with CMT
video Working with CTR Prisma 125