Main features

Increasingly specific market demands, and the excellence of products made from plastic materials, have led Aquatechnik to set up a production department specifically equipped to manufacture manifolds and special parts made from the extensive and complete Fusio-technik range (pipes and fittings made from PP-R, polypropylene). Every single manifold is studied and designed by our Technical Departments, based on the customer’s specific requests and requirements, both in terms of geometry (overall dimensions, type and quantity of outlets, measurements) and the more technical aspect related to the choice of pipes and fittings proposed by the company.

Application fields

Wherever it is necessary realize a point of collection or a fluid distribution in a plant.


  • total safety in joining pipe to fitting thanks to polyfusion welding
  • maximum hygiene of installations and absence of corrosion, thanks to fittings entirely made of synthetic material
  • high resistance to impacts
  • easy, quick and flexible installations thanks to the low weight of the plastic material
  • energy saving: choosing a polypropylene manifold helps to increase the energy efficiency of the system, thanks to reduced heat loss
  • possibility to choose between many different solutions and different materials, thanks to the wide range
  • possibility of switching to other systems by means of special parts.


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From Ø 20 to 400 mm

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