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Innovation with BIM

For some years now, the world of design, also thanks to the classic channels of technical information, has been hearing about BIM and perhaps already had the need to deepen its knowledge and use it in practice.

BIM is an acronym for Building Information Modeling; according to the definition given by the NIBS (National Institutes of Building Science) BIM is understood as the “digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of an object”.

BIM is not simply a new 3D representation format, but is a technology that allows the integration of useful information in the model in every phase of design, from architectural to executive (structures, systems, safety, maintenance, energy performance, etc.) and management (metric calculations, separate suppliers, etc.): therefore a multidimensional modeling.

The value of this new approach has been well established in various countries for some time, the value of this new approach is being reflected in legislative measures relating to public procurement.




For some time now, Aquatechnik has been providing designers and installers with models of its products in BIM revit format to carry out integrated plant design according to this new methodology.