Aquatechnik BST 32 PLUS Pipe Flaring Machine

Aquatechnik BST 32 PLUS Pipe Flaring Machine

The BST 32 PLUS Pipe Flaring Machine is designed to enlarge the multilayer pipe and ensure perfect junction of the Safety Series fittings. Powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery, it is used for flaring Multi-calor and Multi-eco pipes with diameters between 16 and 32 mm.

The new ‘PLUS’ version of the equipment is a higher-performance power tool with batteries and charger in accordance with CAS (Cordless Alliance System) requirements, a multi-manufacturer battery system that includes leading power tool brands to ensure 100% quality and compatibility.

This machine combines the convenience of the battery-operated automatism with the pull mechanism in the flaring formation. The extractors, equipped with reusable expanders, can process several consecutive flarings depending on the pipe diameter, while the pull system contributes to better sizing respecting the structural characteristics of the multilayer pipe.


Flaring with multilayer pipes

Flaring allows direct junctions between Safety fittings and multilayer pipes that significantly reduce pressure drops, thanks to the enlargement of the pipe head and the special geometry of the fitting that keeps the flow section of the fluid unchanged, unlike traditional press-fit systems that instead produce a bottleneck at the junction point.

The working process is fast in order to reduce installation times. The Pipe Flaring Machine BST 32 PLUS is designed to perform work on bench as well as on site, thanks to its manoeuvrability and ergonomic handle that allows processing even in small spaces.

Aquatechnik provides pipe flaring machines for every need, both manual and powered, with the possibility of processing up to a diameter of 90 mm.

Flaring takes just a few simple steps:

  • assemble the expansion kit including the reusable expander of the desired working diameter
  • cut the pipe cleanly and perpendicularly
  • place the cap on the pipe and insert it into the extractor until it locks onto the flange of the reusable expander
  • operate the tool until the desired flare is created. Once the flaring cycle is complete, the equipment automatically returns to the resting phase.
  • insert the fitting and lock the cap using the appropriate wrench.

Easier done than said!
Discover how easy it is to use the Pipe Flaring Machine BST 32 PLUS

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How to flare

Where to buy the Aquatechnik Pipe Flaring Machine

Aquatechnik Pipe Flaring Machines are essential for the installation of plant-engineering with Safety fittings. Choosing the BST 32 PLUS model means saving time on site and containing costs. The new Pipe Flaring Machine Aquatechnik, like all our wide range of equipment, can be purchased through our dealers, in Italy and abroad, thanks to our widespread sales network.

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Maintenance of the Pipe Flaring Machine BST 32 PLUS

The Pipe Flaring Machine BST 32 PLUS is covered by a warranty for all its components for one year and three months from the date of purchase. A correct use, following the instructions in the user manual, is a prerequisite for keeping the equipment functional and performing over time. Useful tips include cleaning the machine regularly and always storing it in its case when not in use. It is essential to pay particular attention to the batteries to ensure that they are intact and do not leak. It is also advisable to carry out a two-yearly service at our workshops. All repairs during the warranty period must be carried out by authorised Aquatechnik staff to avoid invalidation of the warranty.

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