Multilayer systems

Aquatechnik offers a wide and complete range of multilayer pipes and related fittings offering a wide variety of solutions from 14 to 90 mm diameter. Depending on each installation, it is possible to choose from top-quality pipes and fittings, approved by the world's leading certification institutes. The pipes can be connected with multilayer full bore fittings from the Safety series or with press fittings. Both fittings are available in fully synthetic material or traditional brass alloy. Thanks to the production of special parts, all piping and fitting systems can be integrated with each other, avoiding contact with metallic materials.

Full-passage pipe fittings

Raccorderia passaggio totale

Aquatechnik's multilayer full passage fittings are a solution to critical jointing issues, thanks to the particular geometry of the fittings that allows the maintenance of the same section of passage pipe-fitting ensuring a significant reduction in pressure drops. Safety is synonymous with reliability and ease of installation, combined with excellent chemical resistance and total elimination of the risk of corrosion thanks to the innovative raw material used.

Multilayer pipes

Tubi multistrato

Aquatechnik offers a wide range of multilayer pipes that combine the advantages of plastic and metal pipes. The special extrusion technique for each type of multilayer pipe ensures versatility for every system, resistance to high temperatures, cost-effectiveness, long service life and absence of corrosion, even for drinking water conveyance.


Raccorderia pressare

Aquatechnik press fittings for multilayer pipes are a widespread solution that provides an economic safeguard in a fast and simple method of joining by compression. For free or concealed laying, the wide range of fittings proposed is a guarantee of reliability in both synthetic and brass alloy versions.