Multilayer pipes made of PE-X/Al/PE-HD

High performance polymers for all system requirements

Main features

The external layer of the Multi-eco pipe is made of high density polyethylene that gives a special flexibility to these pipes.  For this reason, they are particularly indicated for floor heating and cooling.

The Multi-eco pipes guarantee high performance with favourable cost at effective conditions.

Application fields

Ideal for sanitary systems, heating and cooling industrial plants, for the conveyance of different fluids, compressed air, noble gas and drinking or not-drinking water.


  • malleability and ductility to manual processing
  • great resistance to high working temperatures and pressures
  • chemical safety and stability to the fluids for human consumption
  • corrosion resistance
  • higher flowing and less pressure drop
  • cheap installation and transportation to the working seat
  • impermeability to oxygen


From ø 14 a 32 mm (excluding Ø 18 mm) in rolls.