Brass alloy fitting system, caps of PA-M and O-Rings of HNBR, only with multilayer pipes.

All the benefits of Safety even for the gas systems


Main features

Pending English certification, not yet available in the English market. Designed to give maximum protection to joints that are to be installed inside and outside of the walls. The Safety system is distinguished by two key factors:

  • the widening of the ends of the pipe (flaring), made with specific, patented equipment which allows the pipe to be easily, quickly and safely fitted
  • the pipe is positioned and blocked to the fitting using the cap, which eliminates any possibility of damaging   movements and, if necessary, it can be disassembled to allow the fitting onto be recovered very easily.

Application fields

Suitable to install supply systems fed by the gas network for domestic use, by LPG fixed drums and by tanks.


  • total safety in joining pipe to fitting
  • higher flowing and less pressure drop (very important for gas distribution)
  • quick to install
  • one processing tool for both sanitary and gas systems.

Operating conditions

From Ø 16 to 32 mm (excluding Ø 18 mm)