Raccorderia a pressare UNIVERSAL

Main features

This is the Aquatechnik Press-fitting system consisting of the Multi-calor pipe or Multi-eco pipe with Press-fittings entirely made of synthetic material. Assembly is made by compression, which is a fast, safe and cheap way to create perfectly sealed joints, which represent a guarantee reliability in time. For open and concealed applications.

Application fields

Suitable for sanitary, traditional and floor heating, conditioning and compressed air systems.


  • Multi-jaw system: pressing guaranteed with every type of jaws indicated in the table
  • protected O-rings
  • maximum hygiene of installations and absence of corrosion, thanks to fittings entirely made of synthetic material
  • high resistance to impacts
  • resistant to lime, cement, plaster and phenomena of electro-chemical aggression
  • easy and quick installations
  • low cost.
Pipe Ø Jaw type
16×2 H TH F B U
20×2 H TH F B U
26×3 H TH F B C
32×3 H TH F B U


From Ø 16 to 32 mm (excluding Ø 18 mm)

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