Main features

Designed to give maximum protection to joints that are to be installed inside and outside of walls. The Safety system is distinguished by two key factors:

  • the widening of the ends of the pipe (flaring), made with specific, patented equipment which allows the pipe to be easily, quickly and safely fitted
  • the pipe is positioned and blocked to the fitting using the cap, which eliminates any possibility of damaging   movements and, if necessary, it can be disassembled to allow the fitting onto be recovered very easily.

Application fields

For hygienic-sanitary systems, heating and conditioning, industrial plants for the conveyance of different fluids, compressed air, noble gas, drinking- and not-drinking water.


  • total safety in joining pipe to fitting
  • higher flowing, less pressure drop and noise, energy saving
  • quick to install, low costs and cheap processing tools
  • quick installations, low cost and cheaper processing tools
  • high resistance to impacts
  • easy and quick installations.


From Ø 16 to 32 mm (excluding Ø 18 mm)

Video Gallery

video Soundproof room, power consumption and noise comparison
video Soundproof room, flowrate and noise comparison
video Pipe Flaring Machine BST 32 PLUS