The reliability of Aquatechnik fiber-reinforced pipes for an important Data Center

Linee refrigeranti per Data Center: affidabilità Aquatechnik

The reliability of Aquatechnik fiber-reinforced pipes for an important Data Center

In a disused area of over 200.000 square meters in north Italy, more than 80.000 square meters have been recovered and assigned to the construction of one of the biggest data centers in Italy. Aquatechnik was involved in the project as well, as a matter of fact, for the installation of refrigerant lines faser FIBER-COND pipes were chosen. We thank our customers Cambielli di Bergamo and Comini di Mapello for supplying materials. We compliment the company M.A.R.S. di Gelmini (Almenno San Bartolomeo) for implementing the project in an extremely professional manner and with high competence.

The specificity of the project: refrigeration plants for Data Centers

When a data center is designed, many factors must be considered, among them the fact that IT systems generate a significant amount of heat to which they are very susceptible. Temperature and humidity variation can cause functional problems such as self-protective shutdowns of the machines, but also structural problems such as the acceleration of oxidation of the electronic components that can cause malfunctions. Therefore, data centers must have efficient refrigeration systems, able to maintain the temperature at an appropriate level in order to keep the machines functioning and performing. This is the reason why we laid down a double line for the transportation of refrigerated water, in order to guarantee climatization in case of a malfunction of a part of the mechanical system.

The choice of pipes: the advantages of PP-RCT for data centers

The choice process of the material considered many aspects, from the technical ones regarding installation, to the performance ones regarding material. The FIBER-COND system resulted to be the most fitting choice to satisfy the requirements of this important technical plant. The two main lines were realised with pipes with a diameter of 315 mm: with the same pipe type smaller branching lines were installed, special fittings and manifolds custum-made by Aquatechnik and delivered directly to the building site.
Simplified installation

The designers, moreover, appreciated the lightness of the material that allowed the movement of pieces in an easier and safer manner. The simplicity of installation also allowed to reduce installation time and manpower costs. Finally, it was particularly appreciated the possibility of intervening on site on branches and fusion-outlets on the main pipes.

The advantages of polypropylene for data processing centers

The superiority of PP-R compared to metal for the realisation on several types of plants is well known among installers and designers at this point. We can say with certainty, that the faser pipe represent, today, the undisputed evolution in the world of installations, reaching very high performance in terms of resistance to temperature and oxidative agents. In particular, the system guarantees:

  • a reduction in the linear thermal expansion of 70% compared to single layer pipes;
  • low thermal conductivity, that reduces drastically the risk of the formation of condensation for our products compared to metal pipes;
  • resistance to corrosion and working conditions superior to single layer pipes.

High quality standards for innovative installations solutions

Thanks to the satisfaction of the installers and customers, the Aquatechnik fiber-reinforced pipes achieve a new success in the technological sector, proving itself to be the perfect solutions to the peculiar requirements of this type of plant. Our Technical Office is always available to receive special requests and answer any

Request for building sites and plants staring from a simple design.

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