Fiber-reinforced pipes for the tertiary sector

Tubazioni fibrorinforzate per il settore terziario

Fiber-reinforced pipes for the tertiary sector

In Biella, in a multifunctional structure serving both public and private businesses, major renovations were carried out which involved the use of over 250 meters of Aquatechnik fiber-reinforced pipes from the FIBER-COND line.

The design choice: pipes in PP-R WOR

The intervention involved the total replacement of the thermal power plant that feeds the entire building, previously built with metal pipes. In an area dedicated to public use, a custom-made manifold and new pipes were installed to serve the refrigeration part; finally, in another sector of the structure, the connections to the boilers and the power supply lines of the fan coils were redone.

An investment over time: the advantages of WOR technology for heating and cooling systems

This complex work saw the involvement of several partners: the thermotechnical studio Perini Alberto in Biella took care of the design phase; the Bonavera Agency guided the choice of products, Duotermica S.r.l of Biella provided the material, while the Gianni Naccarato company oversaw the entire execution with passion and professionalism.

Choosing the PP-RCT WOR material over other solutions means investing in longevity and resistance. Among the most durable materials, it is corrosion resistant, chemically safe, sustainable, and reliable and can be integrated with other systems. Its diversified applications include, in addition to more traditional uses such as sanitary, heating and air conditioning systems, also mechanical, chemical, irrigation and compressed air systems.

Among the advantages highlighted by the installer, we include in particular:

Longer duration over time. PP-R is already in itself a material with excellent performance and resistance, which guarantees a duration of years superior to other materials. The PP-RCT + WOR combination ensures an increase in performance from 20% to 50%, in comparison with a single-layer pipe of the same thickness and under the same conditions, respectively used with cold and hot water. This translates into longer life.

Absence of corrosion. PP-R is resistant to corrosive phenomena, one of the main causes of failure of traditional pipes. The WOR technology also records a resistance to oxidizing agents, such as chloramines, chlorine dioxide and free chlorine, used for sanitization, up to 40 times greater than a normal PP-R

Before and after

Less heat loss. An important advantage of the FIBER-COND faser system with fusio-technik fittings is the low thermal transmittance, with consequent reduction of energy dispersion.

Easier installation. In addition to specific advantages, such as a linear thermal reduction of 70% compared to single-layer pipes, with an evident reduction in the necessary clamping points, the weight of the PP-RCT WOR pipes is lower, guaranteeing greater ease in transporting the material and handling on the worksite.

Objective achieved: the evolution of materials

The goal of finding a simple, efficient and quick solution to build the thermal power plant of the Biella building complex was achieved with the FIBER-COND faser line and related fusio-technik fittings.

Aquatechnik multilayer piping technology, such as faser FIBER-COND, offers unparalleled advantages: the inner layer of the pipe, in PP-RCT (random copolymer polypropylene with modified crystallinity) guarantees high long-term resistance and protection from oxidizing agents, thanks to the addition of additive packages; the central layer in PP-RF reduces elongation due to thermal expansion; the outer layer, made of PP-R 80 Super, gives the piping ductility and resilience.

The material combined with innovation makes the difference: for any design need, installers can count on Aquatechnik solutions: contact us to find the right product for you.

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