The efficiency of the valu-technik radiant panel system for heating and cooling systems


The efficiency of the valu-technik radiant panel system for heating and cooling systems

Aquatechnik can count on irreplaceable partners and professional installers, who have been choosing its products for decades, appreciating their distinctive qualities that make them efficient and easy to install.

Among the achievements of radiant panel heating systems, we propose the work of Carmelo Restivo, an Aquatechnik qualified installer who has chosen our valu-technik system for a radiant system in a private home.

Valu-technik is a complete system of pipes, sheets, components and regulation elements that allows you to create radiant panel systems in both winter and summer versions, in civil and industrial applications. The installation procedure involves the insertion of an insulating plate above the slab and then the laying of the heating conductors, i.e. the pipes, which are finally covered by the screed, i.e. the support layer. Lastly, the chosen flooring is laid. These operations are carried out following an accurate feasibility study, design and evaluation of the operating conditions to optimize the efficiency of the system.

Winning combinations for an efficient radiant system

The efficiency of the operation of a radiant panel heating and cooling system does not depend only on the quality of design and installation, but also on the combination of quality components.

Our installer opted to use the multi-eco pipes of Ø 16 mm, for a total of 1200 m, valurapid manifolds and safety-pol fittings, as well as plates, expansion joints and components of the valu-technik system.

The multi-eco pipes were chosen to complete the system thanks to the performance they can guarantee, such as energy and economic savings thanks to the characteristics that distinguish them. Made of PE-X, AI and PE-HD for three integral layers, they enhance the metal-polymer binomial, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. The advantages are also relevant during installation: with a weight of ¼ compared to copper or steel pipes, they are easily transportable, while the excellent flexibility facilitates both the mechanical and manual bending phase.

The ease of modular solutions with valu-rapid manifolds and the safety of the pipe-fitting joints guaranteed by safety-pol completed a job masterfully performed by our installer.

The advantages of the valu-technik system

The radiant heating and cooling are a source of savings and a more comfortable solution than traditional convection methods.

Comfort and hygiene

With the valu-technik radiant system, hot water flows at low temperatures through the multi-eco pipes integrated in the insulating sheets. By exploiting the principle of radiation, the heat spreads throughout the room with an unparalleled perception of comfort. The radiant panel system eliminates the convective movements of the air responsible for raising dust. Furthermore, the diffused heat reduces the level of humidity and prevent

the spread of microorganisms such as mites, eliminating the formation of condensation and mold on the walls maintaining a comfortable and healthy environment.

Safety and aesthetic aspects

By eliminating the use of radiators, the valu-technik system can be considered the ideal solution in places of education or care, eliminating the possibility of injuries against the heating elements. This advantage is also reflected on an aesthetic level by making the rooms more spacious, giving more freedom to architectural projects; furthermore, no more blackening of the walls in correspondence with the radiators.

The energy saving of valu-technik radiant panels

Water has 3,500 times the ability to transport energy than air. This means that a radiant heating system will be much more energy efficient. This is a fundamental advantage as a high percentage of greenhouse gas emissions depend on traditional heating. The energy saving of valu-technik is determined by the technology, as well as by the energy containment regulations.

Energy saving thanks to the realization

The insulating plates, positioned on the floor as a support for the laying of the hydraulic circuits, reduce the dispersion of heat. The system eliminates the stratification of heat near the ceilings, with a particularly significant energy saving in particular for buildings with a significant height. Another advantage is the possibility of zone regulation, eliminating waste where the room is not in use and taking advantage of the ability to customize the temperature in the rooms.

Energy saving thanks to operation

The energy saving of valu-technik is linked to the low operating temperature: the radiant panels use the fluid with a temperature between 30 and 40 ° C, unlike the radiators that heat the water up to 70 ° C. As a result, alternative heat sources such as solar panels, heat pumps and condensing boilers can be used. Furthermore, a radiant panel system maintains a lower temperature of 1 ° C compared to traditional systems, for an average annual saving of about 7%. Management costs are therefore lower, contributing to economic savings.

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