Aquatechnik fibre-reinforced systems for Pavia Cathedral

Duomo di Pavia

Aquatechnik fibre-reinforced systems for Pavia Cathedral

Aquatechnik fusio-technik systems have been used for the plant maintenance carried out in 2020 at the Pavia Cathedral.
The cathedral is dedicated to Saint Stephen Martyr and Saint Mary of the Assumption, and it is an important example of a Renaissance building, a synthesis of a central and longitudinal plan that anticipates typological researches about Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome. The Cathedral of Pavia, where works began in 15 century, is the third largest in Italy in terms of the size of its dome, with a clearly Bramante-esque design.
The maintenance project for the plant systems involved the company Bergamaschi s.r.l., which performed the installation works excellently, and our distributor Abbattista of Pavia.

Evaluation of design choices

The choice of the most suitable system is guided by the requirements of the project. In particular, for the Pavia Cathedral, the importance of the historical construction has been considered during all the design and processing steps. Pipelines have been chosen to guarantee advantages during installation but also in terms of durability. The entire supply line to the thermal power station was replaced with faser Fiber-T and Fiber-Cond fibre-reinforced pipes. This allowed greater manoeuvrability on site, thanks to the lightness of the material, speed and ease in installation thanks to the polyfusion processing methods, and a guaranteed life of over 50 years, due to the intrinsic features of the material of which the pipes are made.

The advantages of the PP-RCT/WOR combination

The multilayer fibre-reinforced pipes in the fusio-technik range are made of the latest generation of polymeric material and specific additives, which are particularly resistant to extractive effects and extremely effective in terms of stabilizing the raw material and able of ensuring a reduction in linear thermal expansion of 70 times compared to single-layer tubes in PP-R. The faser Fiber-T and Fiber-Cond pipes involved in the project use WOR technology (White Oxidation Resistance), which increases the resistance to oxidation, with advantages in terms of durability. The WOR technology allows to transport hot or cold drinking water and other fluids for human consumption, in compliance with current regulations, such as the European Regulation 10/2011 and the Italian Ministerial Decree no. 174/2004 and NSF 61/NSF 51.

Faser FIBER-T and faser FIBER-COND

The faser series pipes consist of PP-R 80 super in the outer layer, PP-R fibre-reinforced in the middle layer and PP-RCT WOR in the inner layer, the one in contact with the conveyed fluid.
The faser FIBER-T fusio-technik pipe is available from diameter 20 to 125 mm, with thicknesses SDR 7.4, while the faser FIBER-COND fusio-technik pipe is produced from diameter 32 to 315 mm with thicknesses SDR 11.
Aquatechnik guarantees innovative solutions for plumbing systems with excellent performances: it is the first company to obtain IIP, ICC-ES and Lloyd’s Register approval on this type of pipe, produced with reference to the most important international standards, such as EN ISO 15874, DIN 8077-8078 and ASTM F2389.
Proud to be present with our products in this prestigious intervention, we look forward with enthusiasm to new challenges to be faced with passion and with the support and collaboration of our partners.

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