How long does a multilayer pipe work?

La durata garantita del tubo multistrato Aquatechnik

How long does a multilayer pipe work?

Multilayer PE-X/Al/PE-X pipes are an increasingly popular choice for distribution systems and other types of installations because they are a versatile solution with greater durability than traditional pipework of the past.

The lifespan of multilayer pipes: 50 years of quality

The service life of multilayer pipes made of PE-X/AI/PE-X, cross-linked polyethylene and aluminium depends on several factors, starting with the quality of the raw material: higher-quality polyethylene has more durable properties than lower-quality products. In addition, the low internal surface roughness (0.007 mm) of PE-X ensures the reduction of pressure losses and prevents the formation of surface deposits.
The life span of a multilayer pipe is intrinsically linked to the design purpose of the system (operating temperature and pressure, fluid conveyed, environmental conditions) and to the type of installation, which is essential to optimise the system’s features and minimise the need for maintenance.
The efficiency of the system can also be influenced by the fittings used. The unique patented pipe-to-fitting junction (flaring) with the Safety series fittings helps to avoid bottlenecks and constrictions in the anchor section between the pipe and fitting, ensuring the total flow of fluid and preventing the sedimentation of lime particles.

Aquatechnik’s Multi-calor multilayer pipe amplifies the advantages of the metal-plastic combination: in fact, the aluminium intermediate layer imposes a reduction in axial thermal expansion, assimilating it to the behaviour of metal pipes, while the presence of PE-X substantially reduces the stresses generated, also eliminating corrosion problems.

Multi-calor pipes are designed to last at least 50 years, in accordance with product Standards. Operating conditions include pressures of 10 bar and temperatures of 70°C with peaks up to 95°C. The high level of reliability of our multilayer pipes is also maintained for pressures above 10 bar with temperatures below 95°C (see relevant Temperature/Pressure/Working years tables in the Safety technical catalogue). Internal pressure resistance tests have shown that it takes more than 100 bar of pressure at room temperature to cause the risk of rupture, conditions that can only be reproduced in the laboratory.

Multilayer pipes: the strength of polyethylene and the flexibility of aluminium

The resistance and lifespan of PE-X/AI/PE-X multilayer pipes are established by the materials used and the five-layer structure: 

  • PE-Xb (cross-linked polyethylene) in the inner and outer layers ensures that the pipe can be used to transport drinking water at different temperatures, guaranteeing the preservation of the organoleptic characteristics of the fluid being conveyed. In addition, the two PE-Xb layers protect the aluminium part chemically, mechanically and electrically.
  • The central aluminium layer considerably strengthens the resistance of the pipe, reduces linear expansion and at the same time prevents the permeation of oxygen and light.
  • The two adhesive layers between the polyethylene and aluminium layers guarantee pipe stability and reliability.

Aquatechnik’s Multi-calor multilayer pipe simplifies installation while maintaining its stability after bending, is extremely resistant and guarantees excellent and consistent performance over time. Multi-calor has also demonstrated a high resistance to abrasion and absence of material corrosion, features that make it chemically resistant, increasing its lifespan.
Rigorous laboratory tests and tests carried out by the most important European and worldwide Certification Institutes guarantee the quality and compliance of Multi-calor with Safety fittings, which have received numerous certifications, including IIP, AENOR, CSTB, DVGW, RINA, WRAS, ICC-ES and KIWA. 


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