Pre-insulated systems

Piping and components dedicated to energy saving. Thanks to the base material, which has a low thermal conductivity, and to the special insulation solutions, these pipes allow to reduce energy losses, in accordance with current national and international standards.


Preisolati - Iso technik

Wide selection of pipes that combine the high performance of Faser PP-RCT WOR service pipes with PUR (rigid polyurethane foam) insulation with the protection of a PE-HD casing. Ideal for remote power and domestic water distribution, these systems are characterized by low thermal conductivity allowing significant energy savings.


Preisolati - Tubi multistrato

Aquatechnik's top-of-the-range multilayer pipes are also available in a pre-insulated version. Ideal for heating and cooling systems. The coating is made of expanded polyethylene and guarantees energy containment and an anti-condensation function. Easy to install, they provide high economic savings. Wide availability of diameters.