Main features

Pre-insulated pipe in PUR (rigid polyurethanic foam) protected by a casing sheath hose, made with Faser FIBER-T service pipe (SDR 7,4), in PP-RCT WOR with high resistance against high temperatures and oxidation process.

The iso-technik fittings are made by welding fusio-technik fittings (SDR 5) with segmented pipes of Faser FIBER-T.
Thus made products are then pre-insulated by PUR (rigid polyurethanic foam) and protected by a casing sheath hose.

Each end is protected by special caps, then each fitting is individually packed.
A full range of repairing joints allows the insulation to be restored at the joint point.

Application fields

The pipes are suitable for the transport of hot and cold drinking water at the temperatures and pressures given in the tables Working Conditions that you can find in the Technical Catalogue or here.

To set up for the conveyance of liquids and/or different substances, contact our Technical Department


  • reduced self-compensating expansion
  • high thermal insulation capacity
  • resistance to any form of corrosion
  • easy and quick installation with reduced costs
  • easily transportation to the site thanks to its low linear density (kg/m)
  • meets environmental sustainability and energy requirements.


Service pipe from Ø 32 to 125 (with external casing from Ø 90 to 225 mm)

NB: pipes are available in rods length 5,8 and 11,6 m.

The Faser FIBERT-T pipes are available also in bare version

Video Gallery

video Sealing repairing joint