The photovoltaic plant for Aquatechnik production, a winning partnership for the planet

L’impianto fotovoltaico per la produzione Aquatechnik, una collaborazione vincente per il pianeta

The photovoltaic plant for Aquatechnik production, a winning partnership for the planet

Quality has been our vocation since our origins, when the already futuristic idea of our founder, Lino Petenà, gave rise to the promotion and distribution of pipes made of polymeric material as an alternative to metal pipes.

Since the 1980s, we have climbed the path that has led us to be among the most important producers of plumbing and heating solutions in Italy and growing strongly worldwide as well, proposing improved solutions for designers and installers while respecting the environment.

Aquatechnik production: an integrated Quality and Environment management system

“Aquatechnik” for us means “water technology” not without a reason. The goal of our systems is to give an environmentally sustainable form to the conveyance of essential fluids, such as water. It is with respect for this indispensable resource and our ecosystem that we want to contribute in every possible way to energy saving, in an effort to bring significant support to an already heavily compromised environmental situation on a global level.

We have been operating from the beginning according to environmentally friendly processes using 100% recyclable raw materials and following the ISO 14001 standard, with related certification obtained in 2019. Along with the ISO 9001 certification, we continue to pursue a high-quality production cycle on a path of constant growth not only technically, but also in human values. 

We have chosen to respect the environment not only by producing and distributing systems that maximize the energy efficiency of water distribution and air conditioning and heating systems, but also by intervening in our production: being sustainable is no longer a choice, but a philosophy that contributes to the quality of the company and its offerings.

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The photovoltaic power plant for production with SunCity and Huawei FusionSolar

It is November 2022 when a project as ambitious as important is completed: a photovoltaic plant for Aquatechnik Production Department. The way to realizing our vision of increasingly green manufacturing began with essential partnerships.

SunCity helped identify the size of the system, make consumption calculations, and understand the return on investment over time,” says Marco Petenà, Aquatechnik’s CEO. The panels were installed taking advantage of the completely renovated roof of the Moulding Seat, with execution by Tambaro Impianti. 

Great flexibility and speed in the installation, due to the combination of a series of cascade systems to meet a power of 405 Kw, with the possibility of modulating and sectioning each part of the system,” explains Massimo Tambaro, pointing out the advantages of the chosen solution of Huawei FusionSolar. While Ivan Bortot, Site Management Manager at SunCity, clarifies how it was possible to achieve “this back-to-back configuration on an inverter carrier structure not possible with other manufacturers.”

The one between SunCity and Huawei FusionSolar is a collaboration that began in 2015 and that has allowed us to install our photovoltaic production system with the certainty of having a tailor-made solution that will be able to help us, in a substantial way, in reducing harmful emissions to the environment.

A green future, thanks to the sun

We firmly believe in our values: quality, ethics and sustainability drive Aquatechnik toward a future of innovation, to create truly concrete and tangible value. Change starts with our beliefs, and while we can do very little alone, with the right partners tomorrow can be shaped by a shared concept of eco-sustainability. To build a better world, let’s start with our production, now greener.

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