Aquatechnik’s safety system for Buxton Crescent & Thermal Spa

Crescent Thermal Spa

Aquatechnik’s safety system for Buxton Crescent & Thermal Spa

Aquatechnik’s safety system with multi-calor pipes was a fundamental part of the Buxton Crescent & Thermal Spa, in Buxton in England, renovation project.

The original building was built between 1780 and 1789 for the fifth Duke of Devonshire, as part of his plan to elect Buxton as a fashionable Georgian spa town. Characterized by its crescent structure, it is now a luxury 5-star spa hotel.

The renovation project, commissioned by Vinci Construction UK and carried out by the installation company, involved an investment of around 50 million pounds and included the construction of 80 5-star rooms per floor, with prestigious meeting rooms and a thermal spa in the Natural baths. Furthermore, there are six retail units on the ground floor.

The adaptability of Aquatechnik products also for historic buildings

The redevelopment of the building, which has been in disuse for several years, presented interesting challenges for those involved: the goal was to restore this magnificent building to its former glory. As this is a building of historical importance and significant architectural features, the evaluation for the heating and distribution of drinking water systems has been the subject of particularly careful and scrupulous study.

Factors such as a safe installation and the demand for high performance, make Aquatechnik products particularly suitable for historical works, which is why the service provider, with our exclusive distributor Smith Brothers Stores, had no doubts about the material to be used for the realization of this ambitious project: total-flowing safety fittings and multi-calor multilayer pipes.

The advantages of safety and multi-calor

The unique features of the safety system, including the ability to support long stretches of piping with a minimum number of joints, proved to be essential for the project’s challenges. The total-flowing connection system guarantees increased flow rates compared to other similar systems, greatly reducing energy costs. The structure in cross-linked Polyethylene (PE-X) and Aluminum (Al) is a guarantee of durability: in particular the PE-X, after crosslinking, acquires excellent characteristics for the distribution of thermo-sanitary water in terms of chemical, thermal and creep resistance, fracture propagation and stress-cracking.

The use of the multi-calor pipe, in rolls up to a diameter of 32 mm, made it possible to carry out the routing of the pipes with minimal disturbance to the existing structure, conforming to modern building standards. The pipe is characterized by 5 layers: the outer and the inner one in cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X), the central one formed by an aluminum alloy longitudinally welded with the TIG method, and two intermediate adhesive layers that guarantee perfect adhesion between the others. This structure makes it particularly flexible, facilitating the drafting and containing thermal expansion.

Efficiency for quick and easy installations

The Aquatechnik safety fittings allow rapid installation, a feature that was underlined by the project managers: ease and speed were instrumental to progress on schedule on the works for the redevelopment of the Buxton Crescent & Thermal Spa. The enlargement of the pipe ends (flaring) is made with specific, patented equipment which allows the pipe to be easily, quickly and safely fitted.

The perfect combination of ambitious design challenges and system performance, supported by important partnerships, continues to consolidate our belief: innovation and quality are the starting point to satisfy the needs of our customers.

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