Aquatechnik’s faser FIBER-T pipes for Cantine Contri

Aquatechnik’s faser FIBER-T pipes for Cantine Contri

The good wine flows in the Contri cellars … and the water in the Aquatechnik pipes.

In 2017, at the cellars of Contri Spumanti S.p.A. in Campogalliano (Modena) a distribution system of hot and cold water was built to serve the bottling process.

The history of the Contri Spumanti S.p.A. company tells a family and a passion, a dream handed down from generation to generation to become one of the best known realities in the national and international wine and sparkling wine scene. Through a continuous search for innovation and quality, Contri Spumanti S.p.A. today boasts numerous international certifications and awards.

The project was carried out by the Sordato company, a leading plant engineering company in the wine sector, with the distribution of our partner Cambielli.

The design choice

The choice of pipes for the hot and cold water distribution system was made on the basis of the specific design needs of the winery which, in addition to respecting strict sanitary standards, must guarantee particular conditions of humidity and temperature, while preserving the organoleptic characteristics of its products.

In this particular context, the choice was directed to reinforced polypropylene pipes, which are able to ensure a longer life of the system and unassailable to corrosive phenomena. The PP-RCT technology, a new generation of Polypropylene with higher performance characteristics, is also certified for the transport of drinking water, in compliance with current regulations such as the European Regulation 10/2011 and the Italian Ministerial Decree n. 174. Thanks to these characteristics, the Aquatechnik pipes proved to be the ideal solution to meet the requirements of this project: the FIBER-T faser pipes, with a diameter from 40 to 110 mm, were installed in the overhead line for the entire perimeter of the bottling.

The advantages

The three main advantages of FIBER-T faser pipes concern the high long-term strength, the reduction of elongation due to thermal expansion, with the central layer in PP-RF (fiber-reinforced polypropylene copolymer) and increased resistance to high pressures.

As for strength and flexibility, it needs to be considered the difference between the base material and its evolution. An example: the elongation at yield of the PP-R 80 Super is 10%, while for the PP-RCT it is 12%. Again: the tensile modulus for the PP-R 80 Super is 848 Mpa, while for the PP-RCT it is 850 Mpa.

The fusio-technik faser fiber-reinforced pipes have a linear expansion reduced by 70% compared to other non-loaded pipes, a feature that allows to reduce the risk of bending of the lines, in particular in the case of conveying hot fluids or when there is a high difference between the temperature of installation and the one in the environment. The coefficient of thermal expansion of fiber-reinforced pipes is in fact equal to 0.035 mm / mK versus 0.150 of single-layer pipes, significantly approaching the value of steel which is 0.012.

Finally, the operating conditions for fiber-reinforced pipes, such as pressure, temperature and duration, are higher than for single-layer PP-R pipes with the same thickness. Consequently, all these advantages make installation faster and cheaper, with a reduction in clamping costs and without removing the outer film before polyfusion, which is required for traditional systems with EVOH barrier.

Innovation and customized solutions for systems

Fusio-technik faser FIBER-T has thermal conductivity at 20 ° C is λ 0.190 W / mK, while the expansion coefficient is α 0.035 mm / mK, with an internal roughness of 0.007 mm. Particularly suitable for the construction of water and sanitary systems, it has proved to be the ideal solution for the cellar of Contri Spumanti S.p.A.

Among the strengths of Aquatechnik, quality and innovation lead us to seek new solutions to meet the needs and demands of our customers and partners and provide the best solutions for the design and construction of state-of-the-art plumbing and heating systems.

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