Which pipes to use for heating: the advantages of multilayer

Quali tubi utilizzare per il riscaldamento_ i vantaggi del multistrato

Which pipes to use for heating: the advantages of multilayer

The choice of pipes for building or renovating a heating system is essential for an optimal result in terms of durability, performance and energy efficiency.

The distribution of hot water from the boiler or heat pump involves several possible system solutions, from traditional radiator systems to the more innovative floor heating radiant systems.

The alternative to copper pipes: multilayer pipes

Copper pipes are still widely used for heating systems thanks to the advantages of temperature resistance, good durability and flexibility in laying.

However, certain characteristics of this material, starting with its weight, its sensitivity to corrosive phenomena, and considering the exorbitant costs, highlight the technical and economic limitations of this solution.

An innovative alternative for heating systems is the choice of cross-linked polyethylene multilayer pipes with an aluminium core. 

Multilayer pipes are not sensitive to corrosive phenomena and retain the same characteristics of flexibility and shape stability as copper. In addition, the ease of installation and processing ensures the inherent economic savings in the material itself, compared to other metal pipes.

Multi-calor: the multilayer pipe for heating

Available from 14 to 90 mm diameter, in bars of 4 meters and coils from 14 to 32 mm diameter, the multilayer pipe can also be purchased in a pre-insulated version, allowing the installer to save time and money.

Five solid layers that make the Multi-calor pipe extremely flexible, with an exceptional laying capacity, allowing quick, easy and economical installations are:

  1. cross-linked polyethylene inner layer (PE-Xb)
  2. adhesive middle layer (grafted PE maleic anhydride)
  3. aluminium core layer (AI)
  4. adhesive middle layer (grafted PE maleic anhydride)
  5. cross-linked polyethylene outer layer (PE-Xb).

Aquatechnik’s Multi-calor is the new generation of pipes for high temperature heating systems (radiator systems) and low temperature heating (radiant systems). 

In order to express the maximum performance of the Multi-calor pipe, Aquatechnik recommends installation with Multirapid and Valurapid modular manifolds and the dedicated Safety fitting, the patented fitting that guarantees total flow and safe joints.

Why choose the multilayer Multi-calor pipe

The main advantages of choosing Multi-calor are:

  • No risk of leakage. It is designed to withstand temperatures up to 70 ºC with pressures of 10 bar with peaks up to 95 ºC. In this way, Multi-calor is able to withstand extreme working conditions.
  • Greater tightness of the joint.
  • Flaring the pipe with Safety full-boring fittings eliminates the potential risk of leakage in the joint even at very high temperatures and ensures a constant flow in the connection section between pipe and fitting.
  • Ease of installation. The coefficient of thermal expansion is low, therefore the operations of fixing the pipeline are extremely simple: an advantage for design and installation.

Together with an excellent impermeability to oxygen and light and a high resistance over time, with a guaranteed life of at least 50 years, the multilayer Multi-calor pipes are also eco-friendly, as they are made of recyclable and non-toxic materials.

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