The differences between polypropylene and metal pipes

Le differenze tubazioni in polipropilene metallo

The differences between polypropylene and metal pipes

Aquatechnik offers innovative plastic material solutions for plumbing and heating systems. Pipes and fittings in PP-R and PP-RCT offer numerous advantages compared to steel or copper, as indicated by numerous researches and also confirmed in our research center, which has allowed us to develop even more performing products with unique qualities.

A bit of history

The history of pipes develops in parallel with the technological evolution of raw materials. Last century’s polymer boom has revolutionized our lives in many areas. On 11 March 1954, the Italian chemical engineer Giulio Natta noted in his diary “made the polypropylene”, an invention that earned him the Nobel Prize in 1963.

Polypropylene will become one of the symbols of the „economic boom“ and will be industrially produced starting 1957 under the „Moplen“ brand. In the 1980s, the use of polypropylene has already reached the pipe field, which until then was dominated by the use of steel and copper.

For several years, metal pipes have been widely used in many thermo-technical applications, from heating and cooling, to hygienic-sanitary systems and methane gas. During this time, installers and technicians in the sector have been confronted with the effort of handling heavy materials, carrying very heavy pipe rods, welding the material with cylinders and torches, threading the pipes manually without having a valid alternative. Regarding the technical characteristics of metal pipes, it is necessary to emphasize the sensitivity to corrosive phenomena and the influence of these on the organoleptic properties of the water. Moreover, it cannot be underestimated the higher cost, both of the material itself, and therefore of the finished product, and of the installation, which significantly increases time and labor costs.

The advantages of polypropylene pipes

The combination of very high performance of polymers and commercial advantages has seen, in a short time, the affirmation in the plastic materials market, especially of polypropylene.

Although more recently introduced, polypropylene pipes have now proven their effectiveness, thanks to their very low internal roughness, which creates less friction and less build-up, causing less stress on the system and therefore extending its life. For this reason, less energy is required to let water and fluids travel inside the pipe, improving efficiency and reducing costs of use. Polypropylene is not subject to corrosive phenomena and has a higher chemical resistance than metal. One of the main advantages of plastic is its cost-effectiveness, known to all professionals in the plumbing and heating sector. Savings is a factor that must be considered both on the purchase of the work material, but also in the installation phase, which is in fact faster and does not require special equipment. Added to this is the lightness of the material, which allows faster and easier transport, positively influencing processing times, and consequently, the related costs.

Aquatechnik’s innovation for PP-R pipes

Innovation plays a fundamental role in polymer solutions for plumbing and heating systems. Aquatechnik not only knows the needs of installers, designers and engineers, but anticipates them. It was 1982 when Lino Petenà, founder of Aquatechnik, began marketing in Italy a new system of pipes and fittings for sanitary facilities in random copolymer polypropylene: PP-R. At the time it was a real revolution that rewrote the history of plant engineering and, thanks to this philosophy of breaking with the past, our company has continued to innovate and propose new solutions, starting from the introduction of the faser range, composed of a three-layer piping, with the addition of fibers in the central layer, which made it possible to overcome the problem of thermal expansion. Over time we have then introduced the raw material in PP-RCT, a new generation of Polypropylene with more performing characteristics. Finally, to these already exceptional characteristics, Aquatechnik has added a package of additives (WOR) with the dual function of improving performance at high temperatures and significantly slowing down the oxidative process.

Our polypropylene (PP-R) systems have been designed to provide a complete and better solution than what traditional metal pipes can currently offer. The numbers speak for themselves: the pressure drops of the fusio-technik system are significantly reduced compared to copper and steel.

Le differenze tra tubazioni in polipropilene e in metallo

We only provide innovative solutions to guarantee the performance of sanitary, heating, irrigation and compressed air systems in the civil, industrial and tertiary sectors. We operate following an integrated Quality and Environment management system, with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, enhancing the distinctive characteristics of polymeric materials.

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