Pipes and fittings in PP-RCT WOR

Pipes and fittings in PP-RCT WOR

Higher performaces with reduced permeability to oxygen

Faser Fiber-T, Fiber-COND, Fiber-LIGHT and UVRES pipes are produced by using WOR technology (White Oxidation Resistance). This solution, developed in Aquatechnik Research Division, in collaboration with world leaders in the production of additives for polymeric systems, consists of a particular package of additives and polymeric material that form the inner layer of the pipe made of PP-RCT. Aquatechnik Group Spa, based on the experience gained in the North American market, where water disinfection treatments are particularly aggressive, has decided to extend the use of the specific white masterbatch also for all other fiber-reinforced pipes in order to increase the performance of the pipes in resistance against the thermo- oxidative attack.


Advantages of the WOR technology

Laboratory tests show that WOR, in combination with PP-RCT reduces up to 4 times the permeability to oxygen compared to a normal PP-R pipe.

Moreover the WOR technology is applied to the inner layer of the tube, so it maintains its effectiveness over time without being affected by external agents.

Onother benefit is the reduction of installation times as the WOR technology, unlike traditional EVOH barrier systems, does not require the removal of the outer film before polyfusion processing.

The resistance against oxidising agents, such as free chlorine, chloramines, chlorine dioxide etc., has been increased up to 40 times compared to a normal PP-R material.

Even the resistance to temperatures and pressures has been increased: the combination of PP-RCT + WOR guarantees an increase in performance from 20% (using cold water) to 50% (using hot water) compared to a single-layer pipe of the same thickness.

Among the Aquatechnik innovation,

UVRES pipes showing an increased resistance to UV rays more than 30 times, with reference to the polyproylene without this additive: the result has been tested by an accelerated aging test named “weather- o-meter. This advantage is due to a new stabilizer, directly extruded into the outer layer of the pipe.


Technology for pipes and fittings

Today, the binomial PP-RCT/WOR represents therefore the most technologically advanced element for the production of a pipe that can guarantee greater safety and reliability for systems destined to the transport of water in sanitary, heating and mechanical systems.

The WOR technology is applied to all fittings from Ø 160 mm up, giving to the whole system -pipes and fittings- greater safety and reliability.

Find out all the technical details: download the leaflet.

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