Aquatechnik multi-layer pipes for Mater Olbia Hospital

Tubazioni pluristrato per il Mater Olbia Hospital

Aquatechnik multi-layer pipes for Mater Olbia Hospital

The heating, air conditioning and thermal power plants of Mater Olbia Hospital were built with multilayer pipes from the faser line and fusio-technik fittings.

Recently founded, the Mater Olbia Hospital is the result of the partnership between the Qatar Foundation Endowment and the Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli IRCCS of Rome. Combining the skills and respective experiences, a hospital of excellence is born at the service of the Gallura Territory and for the whole Sardinia.

Design choices: fiber-reinforced pipes

With an avant-garde structure and new health services for citizens, the polyclinic represented an interesting project where to utilizes our solutions, that were handled with undisputed professionalism by our installer partner Impianti Generali SRL of G. Pagin of Latina.

Aquatechnik systems can be used in the most diversified sectors: the performance advantages of multi-layer fiber-reinforced pipes make them particularly suitable also for the service sector. Moreover, thanks to a linear thermal expansion reduced by 70% compared to single-layer pipes, the laying and clamping processes are facilitated.

The advantages of the faser range for the tertiary sector

The technology of the fiber-reinforced fusio-technik system is an important evolution for the single-layer systems: the already remarkable characteristics of PP-RCT (random copolymer polypropylene with modified crystallinity) are enhanced by the additives package WOR (White Oxidation Resistance). This solution, studied by Aquatechnik in collaboration with world leaders in the production of additives for polymeric systems, integrates the composition of the pipe inner layer, made of PP-RCT.

It is a technology that allows, among other advantages, also a high thermal and to metal ions stabilization, as well as greater resistance to chlorine. This last factor is particularly relevant for the usage in hospitals, where the water is subjected to significant chlorination and where periodic anti-legionella treatments are often provided.

The numbers confirm the advantage: laboratory tests show how the WOR technology increases the resistance to oxidizing agents such as free chlorine, chloramines, chlorine dioxide and similar up to 40 times compared to a normal PP-R. Furthermore, these are pipes suitable to transport hot or cold drinking water and other fluids intended for human consumption, in compliance with current regulations, such as the European Regulation 10/2011 and the Italian Ministerial Decree No. 174/2004 and NSF 61 / NSF 51.

The composition of the fiber-reinforced fusio-technik system

The faser FIBER-T SDR 7.4, faser FIBER-COND SDR 11 and faser FIBER-LIGHT SDR 17.6 pipes have an internal surface made of PP-RCT WOR with high long-term resistance (MRS 12.5 MPa). The central layer made of PP-RF (fiber-reinforced polypropylene copolymer) guarantees a drastic reduction of stretching due to thermal expansion, while the outer layer, in PP-R 80 Super, gives the pipe adequate ductility and resilience. The diameter range extends up to Ø 400 mm.

Easy installation with fusio-technik fittings

The fusio-technik fittings contributed to make the installation of the Aquatechnik systems at Mater Olbia Hospital more practical and quicker. Simplicity also guaranteed by the wide range of fittings, made of PP-R 80 Super and PP-RCT.

The parts are joined by polyfusion (socket welding up to a diameter of 125 mm, butt-welding for larger diameters), guaranteeing total safety in the pipe-fitting passage and resistance to even violent impacts.

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