A course against unemployment: Aquatechnik part of the Officina del sapere – Knowledge Workshop – project

Un corso contro la disoccupazione: Aquatechnik parte del progetto l’Officina del sapere

A course against unemployment: Aquatechnik part of the Officina del sapere – Knowledge Workshop – project

Goal of rebirth of being a bastion of legality and opportunity is the building on Via Quintino Sella in Busto Arsizio, in the province of Varese, a property confiscated from the mafia. Our company is part of the project with a professionalizing course to be held in April.

Goal of rebirth: the new Officina del sapere in Busto Arsizio

Ten years have passed since the former pizzeria, a den of organized crime money laundering, was confiscated, and on the very day dedicated to the innocent victims of the mafia, March 21 this year, a building was inaugurated that is coming back to life for important social purposes. Collaboration between the city administration, with Mayor Emanuele Antonelli and Councilor for Social Services Paola Reguzzoni, and several representatives of social responsibility in the area, including the San Vincenzo de Paoli NGO, made possible the inauguration of the new building. The second floor is already used as housing for people in economic and social difficulties, while the ground floor has become a place where work and culture defeat the mafias. In fact, „The Workshop of Knowledge,“ a training center where courses will be held for people seeking employment, was born. Under the management of the Volunteer Organization San Vincenzo de Paoli, Central Council of Busto Arsizio, the aim is to create a space where knowledge becomes a fundamental tool for fighting illegality. The courses will have the added benefit of being taught by local companies, creating an additional opportunity for participants to connect with the work market.

Aquatechnik training course and our social commitment

In addition to a class on gardening, taught by Studio Tovaglieri of Golasecca, in April it will be the turn of a course that focuses techniques and philosophy of working for us. In fact, we will be in charge of the course with the theme „Plastic Pipe/Fittings Installers“ to provide the theoretical and practical basis for making joints on heating and cooling systems and domestic water distribution. The course, starting April 20, will last 30 hours and will be held on Thursdays and Fridays from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. With this training, participants will be able to have job opportunities in the construction, plumbing and polymer pipefitting sectors. A course that is not just a fresh start for people looking for an opportunity, but also emphasizes our commitment to providing the knowledge to improve not only the plumbing industry, but also the local area. Indeed, our company is firmly rooted in its origins, despite a widespread presence in Italy and growth internationally. We like to define ourselves as a company „Made in Magnago“ because this is where the roots of the family, culture and history of the area lead us to think about the future of innovation.

Being a part of this significant project is a source of pride for us, and we want to thank the San Vincenzo de Paoli VO, which manages the space, as well as the city’s representation for the opportunity to help concretely. We look forward to meeting all those who wish to learn for a new future.

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