Fifth online webinar by Aquatechnik: sanitary water systems

Fifth online webinar by Aquatechnik: sanitary water systems

The fifth online training course was held on June 25.

Gregorio Pascale, Center-Sud Italy Sales Manager, introduced the company, underlining the continuous commitment to a production certified according ISO 9001 and 14001.

The focus was then on the safety range for water and sanitation distribution systems in apartments, with reference to the standards UNI 9182:2014 and UNI EN 806-3.

Born to satisfy the need of total flow, the safety system has been used for over 20 years, confirming its validity in the national market but also abroad.

The technical features, including the patented joint-pipe-coupling system, have been studied in order to obtain, through practical examples, the sizing of the plant according to the load units. Through the comparison with other Aquatechnik solutions, we analyzed the main benefits and costs of the safety-pol.

The second part of the webinar was presented by Vincenzo Nocera, Center-North Commercial Manager, who spoke about the fusio-technik system in large water-sanitation applications, where there are distribution columns.

With reference to UNI EN 805-3 and UNI 9182:14, we have seen a practical example of the plant sizing,  involving several apartments.

The advantages of the fusio-technik system, in particular of the FIBER-T faser multi-layer pipe, were highlighted, underlining the high resistance to chlorine in the transport of drinking water. The comparison with other systems, such as galvanized steel, highlights the safety of welding and the savings in terms of costs and processing times.

Once again we thank the partecipants, hoping to meet you at the next appointment.

You can review the live recording on our Youtube channel.

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