CFP conferences

CFP conferences

Aquatechnik has always dedicated time and resources to the technical training.

With an annual calendar and also based on individual requests, meetings dedicated to installers and designers are held at our Training Centers, with the aim of introducing the product range and providing useful guidance for the proper design and installation of our systems.

The topics have always been of great interest and, also following the reports of the technical designers who took part in our meetings, we wondered if this activity of technical training could also be significant for the mandatory « Accredited continuing training », to which design engineers are required to comply.

To this end, we have contacted a company specialized in technical training, Infoprogetto of Action Group srl, and togheter we have defined our participation in a series of events accredited by the central bodies of the different professional orders.

These meetings include, in addition to the technical contribution of the manufacturing companies, the presence of one or more specialist speakers who, thanks to their interventions, provide a wider scientific contribution related to the individual topics.

In detail, the accredited training activities we are taking part,  are held according to two different types:

  • Multi-company conferences: during a whole day, various manufacturers bring their imput through a series of short interventions concerning the products and their technology. On the sidelines of the conference, there are several desks equipped with documentation and sampling, through which you can deepen different aspects. We had the opportunity to participate on 27 June at the Conference of Rome -at the House of Architecture – which saw the presence of over 130 technicians belonging to various professional orders. At that time, we held our intervention entitled « Quality and innovation in hydrothermal and sanitary plant engineering », focused on two of our technological systems (Safety with multi-layer pipes and fibroreinforced PP-R systems). During the conference day, with great pleasure, we received at our desk the visit of about forty technicians interested in our documentation and further insights.
  • Workshops in which a company exposes the technology about its product range and deepens various regulatory and application aspects. On 4 July, at our Demonstration Training Centre in Busto Arsizio, the first of these accredited meetings was held, attended by over 50 technicians. The topics covered received a large interest, so that, at the end of the event, many professionals have entertained with us to visit the Training Center and the specific equipment for processing our systems. Always with the organization of « Info progetto », we will participate in other two accredited events:
    • September 25, 2019 – a workshop at our Training Center in Busto Arsizio;
    • 5 December 2019 – a conference with focus on « the Contract » in Milan

We will inform you how to attend through our social media and our sales network.

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