The innovation of Aquatechnik showcased with a tour dedicated to the safety system

Safety Tour

The innovation of Aquatechnik showcased with a tour dedicated to the safety system

The current year has seen a consolidation of the success of our safety system in a particular role, that of ambassador of the Aquatechnik technology.

A tour throughout Italy that brought us to several regions of our beautiful country to meet installers and designers in a very unique educational events.

Who, where and when: the educational tour of the safety system

Constant innovation is a staple of Aquatechnik and, in order to reach this objective, a deep collaboration network between our sales department and distributors, designers and installers is indispensable. This is one of the reasons that made to organise numerous educational meetings in all of Italy to promote, inform and educate on the system that for over twenty years has distinguished us: Safety. The enthusiasm that this system creates and the reports of our system contributing to the improvement and simplification of installations of hydro sanitary systems in Italy and in the world are unvaluable results to us.

The meetings were organised based on the demands of our customers and agents to involve who wanted to be introduced to the system and who wanted to deepen their knowledge: it is, therefore, hard to summarise all meetings, not for its long list, but for the impossibility of thanking one by one every participant and person involved. Let’s try to report some numbers of the tour that brought us to travel among Italian technology and beauty. We have:

  • travelled to 10 regions. We started from our HQ in Lombardy and came back “home” multiple times, while admiring territories among land and sea of Liguria, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Tuscany. The Mountains of Piedmont and the hills of Lazio were an impeccable sight, while sun rays accompanied us in Marche, Sicily, Emilia-Romagna and Campania during spring and summer.
  • Visited over 25 cities, as guests of Aquatechnik customers and agencies part of our sales network. Educational meetings also took place in Aquatechnik training centres in Busto Arsizio, province of Varese, in San Giovanni La Punta, in the metropolitan city of Catania, and in Quadrivio in Campagna, province of Salerno.
  • Realised 34 educational events. Involving and involved by our agencies, distributors and customers, among them cui Cambielli Edilfriuli, Termoidrosanitari, Metal Maremma Sansiro, Idrosanitaria, Termonova, Gruppo Comini, Borea, Iacolino Elettroforniture Termoidraulica and Della Fiore. We are particularly thankful to the organisers of the events, which had great involvement and interest around them. We thank the agencies Bonavera, Termo 3, Tecno Consult, Piergiacomi, Capuano Rappresentanze Sud, Tecnoacqua, the agents Giuseppe Gonnella, Massimo Merigo, Vincenzo Caputo, our experts Neos Petenà e Claudio Martullo and our commercial managers Vincenzo Nocera and eng. Gergorio Pascale.
  • We would like to extend our many thanks to everyone that participated to this “educational tour”, including who we did not mention directly. A special thank to Albino Della Torre, the biggest fan and supported of the safety system, who tirelessly and unfailingly, divulgates knowledge and thrills hearts

20 years + 1 and still feeling young: the Aquatechnik safety system

More than twenty years have gone by since the introduction of the innovative system of joints pipe-fitting made in Aquatechnik. Its objective, reached many times over, was to surpass the criticalities of joints to guarantee hydraulic safety and easiness of installation. Flaring is the trademark of these total passage fittings that has earned important Italian and international certifications, marked by a continuous development and research of innovations to constantly improve our hydro-thermal sanitary solutions. A worthy representative of the history of Aquatechnik, to be brought to all of Italy…and beyond.

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