Twenty years of success for Safety fittings

Vent’anni di successo per il sistema Safety

Twenty years of success for Safety fittings

Twenty years ago, the Safety system made its appearance in the Italian thermo-hydraulic landscape: an innovative and revolutionary pipe/fitting joint system that is the fruit of an all-Italian intelligence.

In recent years, passing through countless and very strict tests, the Safety system has obtained the most important Italian and foreign certifications, establishing itself as an Italian excellence in the world.

The birth and development of the Safety projectNascita e lo sviluppo del progetto safety

Why Safety. Because it had to reach a level of « safety« , absolute security and reliability of performance, eliminating any typical criticality of the pipe/fitting joint:

hydraulic safety with fluids at any temperature and hydrostatic pressure, safety in processing, safety in the conservation of organoleptic characteristics, safety in the duration of thermal cycles, safety in disassembly and reuse of the elements, safety in continuous work stress…in short, safety all-around.

The leading idea of the project was the « conicity », an ambitious premise but difficult to develop, although the adoption of the conical joint being a method of transporting fluids already used by many ancient civilizations and which has come down to the present day for its reliability in any situation, even at high temperatures.

Following this fil rouge, the first « flaring » tests began on the heads of the multilayer pipes, to verify the maximum allowed extensibility. The difficulty of the project was immediately revealed in all its phases: from the lack of reliable and comparable data, to the choice of materials (the first version in brass and alloy for the body and PPSU for the conical cap), up to the construction details that also required maximum design accuracy.

Only a dynamic company with a strong passion for innovation like Aquatechnik could undertake such a hard and ambitious venture. But it was this passion that, like a wind, has pushed and animated every phase of the Safety project, with the belief of creating a fitting system that would transform the criticalities of the pipe/fitting joint into its strong point, even in the most extreme uses.

Initially, the acceptance from retailers and installers was not the most gratifying: « another system to try…other equipment to buy…with multilayer pipes, press fittings are used… »

But its exclusive technical properties – reliability in all conditions, total-flow of fluids, ease of installation even in the most critical areas, possibility of disassembly and recovery of fittings without waste – have allowed the Safety system to stand out as an alternative to all the others joining methods.


Twenty years of Safety success

Today, twenty years after its debut, the Safety system has established itself in many countries around the world for its technical characteristics and for its versatile use, both in sanitary, heating, air conditioning and even in gas networks for domestic use.

It is the only system approved and certified by the most prestigious Technical Institutes in the world and produced entirely in Italy, an excellence that is successfully confirmed every year with an expanding and technologically advanced range of fittings.

On the occasion of this anniversary, Aquatechnik wishes to thank all those who have contributed to these successful years, starting from the company technical staff, to the Resellers and Wholesalers and their Collaborators, to all the Installation Companies, small, medium, large, to Design Studios, Construction and Real Estate Companies … without forgetting anyone: to all of you, our most sincere thanks.

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