System and Product Certifications

System and Product Certifications

Aquatechnik group spa is a company certified in compliance with ISO 9001: 2015 since 1998 and in compliance with ISO 14001:2015 since May 2019. Our products have also obtained several « Product Certifications » according to ISO 15874 (PP fusio-technik range) and ISO21003 (safety range) by the most important European and international Institutes including SKZ/DVGW (Germany), CSTB (France), IIP (Italy), Lloyd’s Register/WRAS (England), AENOR (Spain), KIWA (Netherlands) and WATERMARK (Australia).

Moreover, both the systems are certified according to USA/Canada, ASTM F 2389 and ASTM F 1281 product standards.

What are the differences and he features of the two different certification patterns?

The company certification type ISO 9001 and 14001 attests that:

– the Company is organized and works in accordance with all the requirements of ISO 9001, in terms of product quality, services, company organization, assistance and provided training;

– the Company is organized and works in compliance with all the requirements of ISO 14001, in terms of procedures and rules for the production of manufactured products, in full respect of the environment.

Very different is the certification pattern products. The above-mentioned product standards define the requirements of the raw material to be used, of the pipes, of the fittings and of the pipe connection system. The product certification attests that the features of the items produced and commercialized by Aquatechnik fulfill all the requirements of the product standards.

The pattern of the « Product Certification » provides a continuous monitoring activities by inspectors of the Certification Bodies, which, in some cases, can come without notice during the production activity. This activity generally involves:

  • direct checks of production stages;
  • checks on the supply of raw materials (which can only be those approved and previously declared and approved by the Certification Bodies) and about the incoming controls;
  • checks of laboratory testing on the products;
  • check of the adequate competence of the staff responsible for these testing;
  • check of the adequacy and calibration status of laboratory equipment.

Each check ends with picking, by the inspectors, of samples from Aquatechnik warehouses, which are then evaluated at their laboratories. All this makes possible evaluating whether Aquatechnik products have all the features to fulfill the requirements of product specifications. This process implies a high quality standard, guaranting the safe use of the products.

Aquatechnik actually has about 25 different Certifications: the maintenance of these Certifications makes it necessary an average weekly check by one of the Institute in charge.

Gabriele Depinto

Technical Manager

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