Fusio-technik and safety by Aquatechnik for the Gozo General Hospital in Malta

Gozo General Hospital

Fusio-technik and safety by Aquatechnik for the Gozo General Hospital in Malta

Aquatechnik, with its fusio-technik and safety systems, was the first supplier for the distribution of fluids in sanitary, heating and air conditioning systems of the new Gozo General Hospital campus in Malta.

The hospital complex, built on the island of Gozo, is characterized by a project idea of ​​responsible and sustainable development, using materials and processes technologically innovative, from the design to the construction phases on site. The new campus aims to develop new specialist opportunities in an increasingly broad range of medical sectors. According to the client’s request, the project therefore had to guarantee very advantageous technical characteristics to maintain the standard design over the years.

Aquatechnik systems for the Gozo hospital campus

The building is spread over four floors of 8,100 square meters and is located on the island of Gozo, adjacent to the General Hospital of Gozo. The construction of this important structure, used as a school for the qualification of medical and health personnel, involved the Aquatechnik technicians in different phases, promoting training and consultancy, in partnership with the company Sirimed srl, which praises a certified experience in the construction of high technological content complexes and for the various specializations in the Healthcare and Hospital sector.

Sharing the project design led to the choice of fusio-technik and safety systems, in particular for the construction of a 150-seat auditorium, a conference room for 125 students, two computer labs for 70 students, a 250 square meter library and a significant number of skill and simulation suites, classrooms, meeting rooms and offices. Specifically, the systems chosen for the realization of this project were: fusio-technik, with the use of fibre-reinforced pipes faser Fiber-T and faser Fiber-Cond, and the Safety-pol system, for a total of about 6000 meters, with a choice of diameters from 16 to 250 mm.

Fibre-reinforced and safety pipes advantages

The fibre-reinforced fusio-technik system is the evolution of the single-layer systems: the WOR (White Oxidation Resistance) technology consists of a particular combination of additives and polymeric material (PP-RCT) that compose the inner layer of the pipe. Resistance to oxidizing agents such as free chlorine, chloramines, chlorine dioxide and similar, used in water sanitation, is particularly high, up to 40 times more than a normal PP-R pipe. Important is the suitability for the transport of aggressive fluids and the resistance to high temperatures and pressures.

In particular, the safety fittings guarantee maximum security to the joints and are characterized by the total -flowing of fluids, thanks to the maintenance of the same passage section at the pipe-fitting transition point. The safety range is therefore distinguished by the reduction of pressure drops. The flaring of the pipes is made with special equipment that allows to fit the pipe onto the fitting in a simple, fast and totally safe way.

Aquatechnik quality for the Gozo General Hospital in Malta

The use of Aquatechnik distribution systems was appreciated for the speed of installation, the logistical management and the safety of the equipment during processing, in, sometimes, cramped conditions. A project that involved our professionals at 360 ° and that consolidated our commitment to continuous innovation. Our goal is to always find the best plumbing solutions for each sector in which we operate, facing the challenges we encounter with the certainty of being able to count on irreplaceable partners, such as our sales partner Strano Spa in Malta.

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