360° plants for a dental practice with multi-calor and safety

Impianti a 360° per uno studio dentistico con multi-calor e safety

360° plants for a dental practice with multi-calor and safety

360° plants for a dental practice with multi-calor and safety

In Favaro Veneto, in the province of Venice, the Safety System with Multi-calor pipes was chosen for the plant engineering of this prestigious and renowned dental practice.

The specifity of the project: the design requirements of dental practices

Every type of installation requires careful planning including the important choice of materials to be used. This is particularly true in the medical sector.

In dental practices, in particular, mechanical installations must provide:

  • a water system;
  • a surgical suction system;
  • a compressed air distribution system.

Quality dental plants with Aquatechnik solutions

It is specifically a multi-purpose installation serving sanitary water, sanitised water, and pneumatic air system. The whole, of course, lead-free.

The total flow guaranteed by safety

In a field where hygiene rules are essential, the use of quality pipes and fittings is a required premise. Filters are added to the water distribution system at dental practices to prevent limestone deposits, which can cause blockages and, in the case of drainage, also unpleasant odours. The Safety system, the total flowing fittings by Aquatechnik, is ideal as the same cross-sectional dimensions are maintained at the pipe/fitting transition point.

The absence of restriction and bottlenecks between pipe and fitting, as well as the very low roughness of the materials, prevents the deposit of limestone accumulations and debris.

The versatility of multi-calor

Multi-Calor pipes are used, among other applications, for sanitary installations, compressed air and for the conveyance of drinking water. What better solution, then, for plants in a dental clinic?

Created using a special extrusion process, the result is a pipe with five interlocking layers, enhancing the values of the metal-polymer pairing. The outer, cross-linked polyethylene layer protects the aluminium layer, which guarantees impermeability to oxygen and light, giving flexibility and mechanical strength.

The inner layer, made of PE-X, is characterised by low roughness, which significantly reduces pressure losses and eliminates the formation of deposits.  Among the other advantages of Multi-Calor, qualities that make it easier to install, even in tight spaces: lightness, flexibility and shape stability.


The best plumbing design for every structure

Any installation project requires preparation and expertise, from the designer to the installer. Their work is easier when they can rely on quality, versatile and innovative equipment.

We at Aquatechnik have been developing solutions for the plumbing and heating sector for over thirty years, with the aim of providing quality products to ensure safe and simple installations, with an ever-increasing focus on efficiency and energy saving. Congratulations to RB Impianti of Bovolone Verona and its owner Reani Mirco for such a precise job, in which merits and skills stand out.

We thank the Agency Chilea Rappresentanze, our distribution partner in the provinces of Mantova, Verona, Bolzano e Trento.


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