Thank you, Albino

Thank you, Albino

On the occasion of the meeting of the Italian sales force, we celebrated our Sales Director Albino Della Torre, who is close to retirement.

Once again, we want to thank Albino for the long travel he has taken with us, for his professional skills, which, combined with his exquisite personality traits, have allowed many doors to be opened.

Conquest: this is the word that perhaps most represents him. Albino was able to reach new markets and new customers with his skills, but also to win esteem, trust, friendship of the many people who knew him, thanks to his mild but sunny behaviour, his loyalty and frankness.

We do not like goodbyes, so we want to think you are still close to us, maybe more quietly…

Albino con i suoi ragazzi
Albino with his boys
La commozione di Albino
La torta per Albino
The cake for Albino

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