Seventh webinar by Aquatechnik: the risk of legionella in water systems

Seventh webinar by Aquatechnik: the risk of legionella in water systems

The seventh online training course was held on last October 1st.

Legionella represents a current risk, with an increasing number of cases, as reported by the major institutes of virology.

Gregorio Pascale, South-Central Commercial Director, introduced the problem of the spread of legionella in water systems, specifying how prevention must be applied in the design phases, in the choice of materials and in construction of the plant, as well as in its maintenance.

Following the legislative framework, and in particular the UNI standards, you can have some guidelines to prevent infection by legionella and have information on disinfection of plants.

Aquatechnik solutions for legionella prevention

The technical choices reduce the onset of bacterial colonies in all phases: design, installation, management and maintenance.

Precisely at the design and choice of materials, it is particularly important to provide pipes with low roughness and junction systems that prevent the formation of deposits and stagnation areas or closed circuits, ideal conditions for the proliferation of bacteria.

Aquatechnik pipes belonging to the safety and fusio-technik ranges have a roughness 4 times less than metal.

In addition, junction systems in both series offer total-flow solutions, thereby eluding sedimentation formation.

Finally, the technology WOR (White Oxidation Resistance), applied to fusio-technik fiber-reinforced pipes, gives increased resistance to temperature and pressure and increased resistance to oxidative agents, making the pipes of this range particularly suitable for both thermal and chemical disinfection treatments.

The webinar ends with the questions of the participants and the answers of Gabriele Depinto, Technical Director of Aquatechnik.

Once again we thank all the participants, hoping to meet you at the next appointment.

You can review the live feed on our Youtube channel.

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