Fourth webinar by Aquatechnik: the iso-technik system

Fourth webinar by Aquatechnik: the iso-technik system

On the last June 11,the fourth online training course of Aquatechnik was held.

Our team presented the iso-technik system in all its aspects. Gabriele Depinto, Technical Director, introduced the system, starting from the most general technical features, up to the intervention of Alberto Ferrari, Designer – Thermotechnician in our Technical Office: this contribution has focused the fields of use, emphasizing the performances of the system, in case of plants where it is necessary to channel energy from a power heat generator far from the user, with resulting energy savings.

The technical study ended with the explanations by Alessandro Benassai, Designer of our Technical Office, who reviewed the evolution of pre-insulated systems in district heating, marking the differences between steel solutions and those in PP-RF. Some guidelines for installation and testing were also suggested.

The webinar went on with the commercial analyses by Vincenzo Nocera, North-Central Sales Director, introduced by a video showing the stages of implementation of the iso-technik system. Then analyzed the advantages, even in comparison to equivalent solutions in steel.

The iso-technik system is a flagship product for Aquatechnik: introduced in the market in 2014, it reached 100,000 meters of total extruded pipe production, with 21,000 meters sold only in 2019.

Lavorazione iso-technik

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