Valu-technik in Australia: a perfect integration

Valu-technik in Australia: integrazione perfetta

Valu-technik in Australia: a perfect integration

In Victoria, Australia, the Aquatechnik products were utilised to make a radiant heating system. 

Australian Sun Energy provided the material, which resulted in the integration of their heating kits with Aquatechnik products, under the guidance of our Export Manager Nicola Calautti. We thank Peter Taylor, Managing Director of Australian Sun Energy, for giving us the photos of the project. 

Valu-technik in Australia: integrazione perfetta

The advantages of radiant floor heating

Depending on the climate zone, heating and/or cooling make up from 20% to 50% of energy used in Australian houses. For this reason, choosing more efficient climatization systems is fundamental not just for money saving, but also for comfort. A radiant panels system is a solution that maximises both factors. The spread of awareness of the advantages of the radiant heating system made its application widespread also in the civilian sector, not just industrial. 


How a radiant system works

Hydronic heating allows to warm up during winter, and cool down during summer, thanks to the heat-transfer fluid that is water. Summarising in few phases: water, heated at low temperatures, flows in an underfloor pipe system, transmitting heat in turn to the air by radiation.
During the summer the water is refreshed by a chiller. 

Why choose radiant heating

The main advantages of a radiant system are represented by comfort and energy efficiency, but that is not all.

  • Energy saving: compared to an air heating system it consumes up to 50% less fuel. The system features allow to reduce heat loss, which instead concentrates in the staging area, lower than traditional heating. Consequently, it is possible to use a less powerful heat source, which can be alternative energy as well, capable of further reducing costs.
  • Comfort for all living environments. The radiant heating applications are basically unlimited. Other than a homogeneous distribution of heat, which creates an ideal climate, it is possible to set a temperature for any zone.
  • Limited maintenance and wellness. The hydronic heating systems do not require a lot of maintenance and the quality plants are guaranteed for 20-30 years at maximum efficiency. With simple routine checks, the radiant systems require therefore little maintenance and contribute to create an environment clean and healthy, as a matter of fact, the absence of radiators, avoids deposits and movement of dust.


The integration of valu-technik in the project

For this project in Australia, on panels of other origin, Aquatechnik products have been integrated, among them multi-calor pipes, assembled manifolds valu-technik, shut-off valves and eurocone fittings 73048.

Aquatechnik, as a matter of fact, provides a complete range for the radiant system, among them modular and assembled manifolds suitable for any need of any type of plant. Among them, valurapid manifolds, available in single version (Ø 26 exit 16, Ø 32 exit 16-20 eurocone) and in pre-assembled version (with valve, holder or flow meter). Designed specifically for in heating and cooling plants, they are connected thanks to a joint system patented safety that feature fast and easy installation. In particular, the conicity guarantees absolute hydraulic seal at different temperatures and pressures, while the limit switch allows perfect alignment and stability of the assembled modules. For the Australian market, moreover, there are special modules available designed according to the requests given us by the hydro-thermo sanitary market. The multi-calor pipes represent quality: the intermediate layer is made of a special aluminium alloy, which is particularly ductile to ease manipulation during installation. In particular, in the installation phase, this feature proved to be important, like lined klips that allows to fix the pipes to the heat-insulating panels. The installer can choose the most suited equipment for the project, like curved, swan-neck, parallel or lined klips.

Opportunity of innovation with Aquatechnik 

“Real progress happens only when advantages of a new technology become available to everybody”, said Henry Ford. In this spirit we at Aquatechnik have always believed in this innovation that is “heating with radiant panels”. Our experience and technical knowledge acquired by installing many different types of plants allow us to say that the valu-technik system is a great long-term solution for domestic and industrial heating with high energy efficiency and we believe that it will keep spreading to more and more buildings in the world, Australia included. An opportunity not to be missed, that grants energy saving, comfort and versatility for any building.

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