The new medical campus of the Hospital of Gozo, Malta

The new medical campus of the Hospital of Gozo, Malta

Aquatechnik was the first supplier of distribution systems in the sanitary, heating and conditioning systems of the new hospital built on the island of Gozo, which is at the forefront of design standards.

The Aquatechnik Technical Dep., in partnership with the company Sirimed s.r.l. – which has a certified experience in high-tech constructions and various specializations in the Health and Hospital sector – offered training and technical service to create an important school for the qualification of medical personnel.

The new Hospital of Gozo was built pursuing the design idea of responsible and sustainable development, using materials and technologically innovative processes, from design to the stages of construction.

Aquatechnik technicians have been involved in the various phases of mechanical plant construction, promoting the worker training and sharing the design choices most suitable for specific use.

The Fusio-technik and Safety systems have been chosen thanks to the continuous service of technical support to the designers on site and the presence in Malta of our commercial partner – the  company Strano spa – based in Catania and having its technical-commercial branch in Malta. The building is spread over four floors of 8,100 square meters and is located on the island of Gozo, next to the General Hospital of Gozo.

The use of Aquatechnik distribution systems has been appreciated for the speed of installation, the logistic management and the safety of the working equipment, in conditions at times difficult. In particular, the Fusio-technik and the Safety systems were used for the construction of a 150-seat auditorium, a conference room for 125 students, two computer labs for 70 students, a library of 250 square meters and a significant number of skill and simulation suites, classrooms, meeting rooms and offices.

Specifically, the systems chosen for the realization of this project were:

Fusio-technik, the use of which included the use of fiber-reinforced pipes faser Fiber-T and faser Fiber-Cond, and the system Safety-pol, for a total of about 6000 meters with a diameter choice from 16 to 250 mm.

The new campus will be able to develop new specialist opportunities in an increasingly wide range of medical fields. Plants have been designed and built with materials having very high technical performances, to maintain the design standard over the years.

Ospedale Gozo, Malta

Sistema fusio-technik Aquatechnik

Sistema fusio-technik fiber T Aquatechnik

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