The new hydrothermosanitary installations of the monastery of Astino with Aquatechnik products

I nuovi impianti idrotermosanitari del Monastero di Astino con i prodotti Aquatechnik

The new hydrothermosanitary installations of the monastery of Astino with Aquatechnik products

For the renovation of the Monastery of Astino faser FIBER-COND and multi-calor isoline pipes were used.

The monastery, located in the spectacular natural landscape of the Astino valley, among the hills of Bergamo, was founded in 1107 and throughout its history it was heavily expanded between the XV and XVI centuries, only to see a decline that ended in its closure in 1797. The important renovation project promoted by the MIA foundation, with the scientific consultation of Soprintendenza Belle Arti and Soprintendenza Archeologica Lombarda,

brought back the monastery to its old splendour. Now it is a centre for artistic, cultural and musical activities, the renovation has highlighted the beauty of many conventual stairs and recovered frescoes until now concealed behind a thick layer of white paint, laid between the eighteen hundreds and nineteen hundreds, when the monastery became an asylum and later habitation for farmers.

The adaptability of the Aquatechnik products for historical buildings as well

The renovation of the monastery presented interesting challenges for those involved: the object was to bring this magnificent structure back to its former splendour. Being a construction of historical importance and significant architectural features, the evaluation for heating and water distribution installations was the subject of a scrupulous and detailed study. Factors like safety of installation and requirement for high performance, make the Aquatechnik products particularly suited for works on historical buildings, reason why the installation company AG Termoidraulica of Arrigoni Massimo chose Aquatechnik products, to which he is well familiar, for the realization of this ambitious project: multi-calor pipes with total flow safety fittings and Fusio-technik faser FIBER-COND pipes.

The choice of materials: the advantages of Aquatechnik pipes

Compared to traditional iron, galvanized steel or copper pipes, pipes made of polymeric material feature an extraordinary resistance to corrosion that determines a long lifespan even in conditions of stress and high performance necessity, reduction of energy consumption and lightness are equally relevant features.

The advantages of safety and multi-calor

The unique features of the safety system, among them the capability of having long sections of pipe with a minimal number of joints, have proven to be essential to overcome the challenges of the project.

The total flow fittings system guarantees Increased flow compared to other similar systems, heavily reducing the energy expenditure. The polyethylene reticulated structures (PE-X) and aluminium (Al) grants durability: in particular PE-X, after crosslinking, it acquires great features for the distribution of thermo-sanitary water for its chemical and thermic resistance, resistance to creep, propagation of fractures and stress-cracking.

Efficiency for rapid and simple installations

The safety fittings of Aquatechnik allow fast installations and versatility, as demonstrated by the modularity of multi-rapid collectors.

Aquatechnik fiber reinforced faser pipes

The faser FIBER-COND system, like all Aquatechnik fiber reinforced pipes, has a linear expansion lower by 70% compared to non-reinforced products, with clear advantages for installation and usage for clamping and related costs.

Its internal layer made of PP-RCT WOR makes it particularly resistant to oxidant chlorants, granting superior life span compared to other polymeric products.

I nuovi impianti idrotermosanitari del Monastero di Astino con i prodotti Aquatechnik

Innovative solutions for installations in any building

The working conditions in spaces of historical importance highlighted ulterior advantages of the Aquatechnik polymeric systems, among them, the ease of transportation and manoeuvrability as well as the safety of installation, since for both systems used the open flame is not required.

It should not be ignore the “green” aspect, for a such an ambitious and innovative project: the pipes are, as a matter of fact, made of recycled materials and made an LCA cycle with a low environmental impact. Easy to install pipes for excellent and long lasting performance, without ignoring saving energy: this is Aquatechnik, also for the renovation of buildings of historical importance like the Monastery of Astino.

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