The advantages of Fusio-technik pipes for the shipbuilding sector

I vantaggi delle tubazioni Fusio-technik per il settore navale

The advantages of Fusio-technik pipes for the shipbuilding sector

Distribution plants for sanitary water and heating on board of the Ultramarine, adventurous ship for touristic polar expeditions, have been realised with our fusio-technik system.

Technologically advanced, Ultramarine was completed in 2020 and, with its 128 meters of length, 21,5 meters of width and 13.5 tons, it is capable of hosting 200 passengers. Its prevalent feature is the presence of any comfort on board: spacious suites, a sauna, a spa and a fitness centre, two helicopters and a point of observation along the bridge.

I vantaggi delle tubazioni Fusio-technik per il settore navale


The advantages of pipes and fittings fusio-technik in the shipbuilding sector

In today’s competitive market in naval construction, companies are on the search for new materials and systems capable of prolonging the lifespan of ships and systems on board, reducing maintenance costs and improving the comfort of the passengers. Consequently, the demand for high quality and long-lasting plastic materials is ever higher. 

Resistance and duration

The fusio-technik system, chosen for this ambitious project, covers all applications of plants with fluids on board and it has a very high resistance to corrosion, guaranteeing a long lifespan and efficiency for the entire life of the vessel. Even the installation contributes to increase its resistance: pipes and fittings are jointed by heat fusion, eliminating weak spots in the joints such as particular chemical or physical elements that could cause the formation of deposits and therefore resistance to the flow of fluids. Moreover, heat fusion is a rapid process that does not require open flames, unlike welding.

Lightness and respect for the environment 

The Aquatechnik technology goes hand in hand with the rise of environmental standards.
Polypropylene systems are much lighter than their metal counterparts, a very relevant feature considering the cost of fuel. Also, during installation, the lightness of the polymeric material proved to be a point of strength since it made movements easier. Moreover, the low thermal conductivity coefficient contributes to increased efficiency due to a reduced heat dispersion, a particularly relevant benefit for ships that mainly travel in cold northern countries, like Ultramarine. 

Security and comfort

On board of any type of ship, having the right heating system is fundamental for a well-controlled climate and for the comfort of passengers and personnel. The system must be planned and designed in the best possible way while keeping in mind what type the ship is, in order to guarantee its safe and efficient functioning in any condition. The fusio-technik system is not only resistant to corrosion, but also to oxidation and chemical treatments, such as disinfection of implants with chlorine.

I vantaggi delle tubazioni Fusio-technik per il settore navale

The best implants solutions for naval challenges

The sectors of application of Aquatechnik pipes and fittings made of polymeric material are various and all products must be able to satisfy specific demands in order to have the best possible performance. The shipbuilding market is growing and the changes that define it require systems that can help to provide an answer to continuously new technical, operative and environmental challenges. Fusio-technik is the ideal solution thanks to its ubiquitous advantages that guarantee an excellent resistance to the most extreme maritime conditions. It is, as a matter of fact, a certified system for naval applications by the most important certification institutes, among them RINA, Lloyd’s Register and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

For this project, unique in its genre, we thank our reseller Brown Bear Team.

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