Sixth webinar by Aquatechnik: how our products are born

Sixth webinar by Aquatechnik: how our products are born

On July 9, the sixth online training course was held.

Design and prototyping of Aquatechnik products

Gabriele Depinto, Technical Director, introduced the topic of the webinar emphasizing the relevant and innovative technological contents, resulting by designing, prototyping, testing and validation, stages that require high-level skills.

Internal checking on each batch are also important. The products are then certified by third parties who can come with random inspections in the company.

Davide Cristofanon, Technical Office – Designer, focused then on the different stages of design and prototyping, starting from modeling, FEM analysis and fluid dynamics, passing through the definition of the geometry of the piece, to get to prototyping, that is the sample moulding.

The next step is the mold design that leads to the development of the pilot mold to evaluate sizes, compliance and performance. Before industrial-scale prodution, the final mould is designed and the product must pass the validation stage, including quality controls and product certifications.

Correct laying and testing according to standards

Alessandro Benassai, Technical Office Designer, spoke finally of installation and testing with particular attention to the reference standards UNI 9182, UNI EN 806-2 and UNI EN 806-4 for sanitary water networks.

The national UNI 9182 concerns both the design part and testing, referring for different aspects to European norms, such as the plant structure or distribution networks. This was followed by an analysis of UNI EN 806-2 about the design, and UNI EN 806-4 about installation.

Finally, the topics of technical testing, which must ensure the performances of the project and operation of the installed system.

Once again, we thank all the participants, hoping to meet you at the next event.

You can review the live feed on our Youtube channel.


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