Second online webinar by Aquatechnik: the safety system

Second online webinar by Aquatechnik: the safety system

The second online webinar of Aquatechnik was held on May 14.

The webinar focused on our safety system, presented with the interview of the Centre-North Sales Manager Vincenzo Nocera to Albino Della Torre, former Sales Director and key person for this innovative product, introduced onto the market in 2002.

The practical demonstration of the flaring process with the safety system brings us to the second part of the course, with the technical insights of Gabriele Depinto, our Technical Director. The advantages were analysed, also demonstrated by the test results in the soundproof room.

The last part of the webinar saw a commercial analysis by Gregorio Pascale, Centre-Sud Sales Manager, answering questions about economic benefits and costs of the safety system.

At the end of each speech, we answered questions and curiosity of the participants, who, once again, confirmed the success of this online initiative.

We thank them and all those who will continue to follow us in the next training course.

To see the live recording, go to our Youtube channel.


Secondo Corso di formazione online Aquatechnik

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