Floor system with multilayer pipes for radiant heating and cooling.

A single system with a dual function

Main features

A complete system of pipes, slabs, manifolds and regulation components for creating underfloor heating systems in the winter version and cooling systems in the summer version. Exploiting the principle of heat exchange by radiation, higher levels of living comfort are achieved than any other heating/cooling system. The system is complete with all components to realise systems in a wide variety of sectors.

Application fields

Especially suitable for floor heating and cooling in civil, industrial and service sector.


  • Environmental comfort: radiant systems reproduce temperature uniformity
  • well-being: the perception of physical well-being reproduced by the radiant panel system corresponds with the physiological needs of the human body
  • environmental aesthetics: since it is installed under the floor, it eliminates the constraint of heating elements
  • cleanliness and hygiene: the lack of convection motion
  • energy and economic savings as operating at low temperatures, in both versions of the system (summer and winter)


Pipes Ø 16 and 20 mm

Components and completion accessories