Raccorderia Iso-technik

Main features

The iso-technik fittings are made by welding fusio-technik fittings with segmented pipes of the faser FIBER-T, faser FIBER-COND and faser FIBER-LIGHT ranges. Employed fittings are of the following types: 

• of PP-R (SDR 5) up to Ø 125 mmX
•of PP-RCT (SDR 11 e SDR 17,6) up to Ø 160 mm.

Thus made products are then pre-insulated by PUR (rigid polyurethanic foam) and protected by casing sheath hose. 

Each end is protected by special caps, then each fitting is individually packaged.

Iso-technik Department, in order to meet market requests and requirements, can made special parts on specific design requests. This department is supported by a technical studio with a team of qualified personnel who, in addition to managing the design part needed to create the details tailored to the customer, is also able to suggest the customer in choosing the most appropriate type of product, based on the conditions of use.


  • reduced self-compensating expansion
  • high thermal insulation capacity
  • resistance to any form of corrosion
  • easy and quick installation with reduced costs
  • easily transportation to the site thanks to its low linear density (kg/m)
  • meets environmental sustainability and energy requirements.


  • ISO FIBER- T fittings, available from ø 32 to 200 (with 90 to 315 mm outer casing)
  • ISO FIBER- COND fittings, available from ø 32 to 315 (with 90 to 450 mm outer casing)
  • ISO FIBER- LIGHT fittings, available from ø 125 to 315 (with 225 to 450 mm outer casing)

Video Gallery

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