PP-R Pipe Union , female socket welding
PP-R Welding Bent pipe-union
PP-R Welding Pipe-union
PP-R Threaded Pipe-Union, female
PP-R Threaded Pipe-Union, male
PP-R Collar to weld, fusio-technik
Croci in PP-R
Curve 90° F/F
PP-R Ring Nut
Threaded joint F in PP-R
Threaded joint M in PP-R
PP-R Welding Elbow 45°
PP-R Welding Elbow 90°
PP-R Threaded Elbow Female
Threaded Elbow 90 male
Safety Direct Joint
Threaded direct PP-R joint
Direct Joint PP-R
Distribution group
PP-R Double Terminal Kit
Manicotti a saldare in PPR
PP-R Electric Coupling
PP-R Reduced Welding Coupling and Reducer
Shut-off valve ABS, fusio-technik
Shut-off valve, fusio-technik
PP-R Shut-off valve, fusio-technik
PP-R Fusion-Outlet
Swan neck in PP-R
Moulded Swan-neck in PP-R
Terminal Bracket with double integrated elbow, female Thread
PP-R Stem
PP-R Welding Cover Cap
PP-R welding Tee
PP-R Threaded Tee, female
PP-R Threaded Tee, male
PP-R Reduced welding Tee
UVRES faser pipes
Rain-water monolayer pipe SDR 11
Monolayer pipe SDR 6
Superflux Monolayer Pipe SDR 7,4
multilayer pipe faser FIBER-COND, SDR 11
multilayer pipe faser FIBER-LIGHT, SDR 17,6
multilayer pipe faser FIBER-T, SDR 7,4
PP-R Ball Valve, fusio-technik
Ball valve with alloy body, fusio-technik
PP-R Ball Valve