Aquatechnik safety fittings and fiber-reinforced pipes for Esselunga: quality meeting

Aquatechnik per Esselunga

Aquatechnik safety fittings and fiber-reinforced pipes for Esselunga: quality meeting

Esselunga has also chosen Aquatechnik! In the store located in Montecatini, safety systems were used for the distribution to services and the FIBER-T/FIBER-COND faser pipes, with our custom-made manifolds, for the technical rooms and risers.

Esselunga certainly needs no introduction: among the main Italian chains in the large-scale distribution sector, it has over 160 superstores and supermarkets, in a history of success and growth that began in 1957. Esselunga stores are characterized by a company philosophy based on the offer of value and quality. The details make the difference in the commercial proposals aimed at Esselunga customers, but not only! The design choices of the stores are also fundamental to guarantee comfort and energy efficiency.

Quality design choices for efficiency and speed of installation

For the distribution to services systems, multi-calor pipes with safety system were used while, for the technical rooms and risers, the design choices fell on FIBER-T and FIBER-COND faser pipes. In addition, the specific needs of the construction site have provided the use of custom-made manifolds.

All the material was provided by TUBIPLAST S.r.l. ZANICA of Bergamo. The installation at the site was masterfully performed by the company BOUYGUES S.p.a. Mr. Arnoldi Massimo, the site manager, supervised the entire project which required multisectoral skills for the construction of different types of plants with specific characteristics.

Safety innovation for safety and performance

Safety was born as an evolution of joining systems for multilayer, to meet the new needs of the market. Particularly appreciated by designers and installers for the absence of narrowing of the passage section, the system guarantees an increased flow rate, avoiding the formation of deposits and limestone. The junction between the pipe and the fitting takes place by widening the heads of the pipe (Belling), made with special equipment patented by Aquatechnik, which allows the fitting to be put on simply, quickly and in total safety. The hydraulic seal is guaranteed by the O-rings, while the pipe is positioned and blocked to the fitting through the cap which eliminates any possibility of movement. These technical advantages become effectively performing in terms of total flow, greater resistance and durability over time as well as the cost-effectiveness guaranteed by the processing speed and the possibility to recover the fittings.

Efficiency made to measure: Aquatechnik’s on-demand manifolds

Aquatechnik is able to produce manifolds on demand, studied and designed by our Technical Offices, to support customers in the choice of the most suitable geometries and types of pipes. Plastic manifolds offer various benefits compared to metal ones, including a duration of over 50 years also determined by the absence of corrosion and the safety guaranteed by the polyfusion joint.

The lightness and maneuverability of the polypropylene manifolds facilitated transport, handling on site and installation. To these advantages are added the cleanliness of the systems and the energy savings, due to a reduced thermal conductivity value (ʎ = 0.24 W / mK) of the polypropylene.

We thank all those who participated in this project: like Esselunga, we try to offer the best to our partners and customers!

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